Remix Competition: Join Our Remix Competition Where Everyone Wins

Remix Competition: Join Our Remix Competition Where Everyone Wins

We aim to hold a remix competition every month starting this October. However, the good thing is that everyone who submits music on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube or by email will have their tracks included on our playlists for each platform.

What is the prize for our remix competition?

This is another great thing about our competitions. This is because every submission will get a place on our playlists. Furthermore, the tracks that generate most interest will be towards the top of the list. However, every track will be on our playlist for each platform.

How do you sign up for our remix competition?

Please sign up here:

Follow the prompts at the above site and then you can instantly download the track. It does not have to be exactly like the original track. Therefore, you are free to change the midi files to what you would like. The idea is impress us and impress everyone else with your musical talent.

Why does everyone win?

The idea is not that anyone should lose and not hear anything. Instead, the plan is that we will share your music on our playlists – simply because we can. We just want to add value to your life. This because we know that if you have a great experience, you may be interested in future events. Furthermore, placement on a playlist is free of charge. We don’t have to pay anything to get your song on our list. However, we are spending time with you, but that is easy because you are spending time with us.

What genre do you want the remix in?

Anything you like. You are welcome to submit music in any genre at all.

Can I hear the original track for this remix competition?

Here is the track…

Thank you for your interest and the best of luck to you in our competition.

If you have Serum Xfer, you can download free presets here.

If you have any further questions, please ask them in the comments section below. That way other people with the same question can read the answer too.

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