Month: October 2019

Production Music Libraries: Why Are They Great News For Artists?

Production Music Libraries are big business.  However, what are they?  Why are they such great news for the mere musician and what opportunities are on offer?  In this post, we will answer those questions and also provide you with a list of many highly reputable production music libraries who are listed with the PRS (Performers…

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Monetizing a Music Blog: 10 Ways to Monetize Your Music Blog

There are many of methods to monetizing a music blog. In this post, we will cover ten of those methods. Therefore, if work in music, monetizing a music blog could be a great way for you to generate some extra income.   1) Monetizing a Music Blog Through Affiliate Marketing It always surprises me to…

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Hypeddit Music Charts: How to Get Your Track to Number One

The strategy I am going to share with you today got two out of three track releases to number one. Therefore, I am highly qualified to get you to the very top of the Hypeddit music charts. Read on and get the lowdown on this practice… I am going to share this with you step-by-step…

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Facebook Groups For Music Producers: 12 Groups Should You Join

If you are interested in any subject at all, you can find related groups on Facebook. It doesn’t matter whether that is archery or alchemy! Therefore, it is also possible to find Facebook groups for music producers. In this post, we will list 12 groups and tell you why you need to join them today……

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Benefits of Networking With Other Musicians? 10 Great Reasons

Networking isn’t only about socializing. There are all sorts of people who network for all kinds of reasons. In this post, we will discuss what reasons people have to network and what the benefits of networking with other musicians are for the people who do network. So here goes… Benefits of Networking With Other Musicians,…

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Online Music Networking Sites: 5 Sites Where You Need to Be Seen

One of the best marketing decisions you can make as a new artist is to gain exposure on online music networking sites. This post sheds more light on the best music networking sites. I am providing you with links for all of these sites. What are Online Music Networking Sites? Basically, these are sites where…

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Music Blogging Platforms: Which Platform Do You Need?

There are a few factors that you have to consider before launching your own artist website. This post looks at which are the best music blogging platforms and why you need to consider them. Personally, as you can see, we use, but that is not the only platform. Each platform has its own pros…

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Music Website WordPress Plugins: Plugins You Need for a Music Site?

So, you have a great new WordPress site for your music. However, you don’t know which are the best music website WordPress plugins? Never fear Krannaken are here to give you the lowdown on which plugins you need. Therefore, read on and we will shed some light on this subject for you. Your Music Website…

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Music Publishing: The Two Best Options for Artists and Producers

When it comes to music publishing, you have a few choices to make. You may be glad to hear that quality is not a barrier. I am not saying you make shit music. However, I am saying that quality is not an issue. However, in our view there are two choices – fast and paid…

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Artist Websites: Why Does Every Artist Need Their Own Website?

Artist websites are an essential marketing tool for artists in today’s music industry. Whatever you aim to do with your music, you need an audience. Furthermore, if you don’t have an audience, you may as well just play in your own bedroom for your own enjoyment. Therefore, artist websites are very important. In this post,…

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