Online Music Networking Sites: 5 Sites Where You Need to Be Seen

Online Music Networking Sites: 5 Sites Where You Need to Be Seen

One of the best marketing decisions you can make as a new artist is to gain exposure on online music networking sites. This post sheds more light on the best music networking sites. I am providing you with links for all of these sites.

What are Online Music Networking Sites?

Basically, these are sites where you can mingle with other musicians. These differ from mainline social networks like Facebook because these sites are primarily catering for musicians, bands and music artists. Therefore, let’s get to it and give you our list…

My personal favourite of our online music networking sites

SoundCloud are one of my favourite online music networking sites. I say that they are my favourite music networking site because of a few different reasons. These are the main reasons why SoundCloud are so good…

  • Artists can critique each other’s work
  • We can build a huge following of other artists
  • If we write dance music, we can promote our music to DJ’s etc
  • It is great for generally just helping each other with any other music related work.


Last.FM automatically caters for your taste by tailoring their suggestions to what you are already listening to. Therefore, if you listen to Armin van Buuren, they may suggest people like Tiesto or Paul Oakenfold.

Where Last.FM is classed as a social site is because you have the ability to contact people with similar tastes. Therefore, you can suggest your tracks to people who like a certain kind of music. For instance, you might be trying to target psytrance. You will know that Armin Van Buuren has written a lot of psytrance material. Therefore, you will be able to offer your music to people who like Armin Van Buuren.

Another great aspect of Last.FM for artists is that you can upload and promote your own music for free. This site is well worth getting more involved in. You might view them as an alternative to SoundCloud. However, it is advisable that you have your music available on both of these sites.

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If you have ever had a tune going round in your mind, but don’t know what it is called, or who it is by, Midomi is the place to go. This is on our list of online music networking sites because of it’s functional ability. It allows you to find music in your head easily. You can also connect with other people who like the same music. All you need is a microphone plugged into your USB port and you’re good to go.

Where Drooble stands out is in its encouragement for artists to review each other’s music. Each member is paid to review tracks. Therefore, members can understand their music and how they ca improve their music with a much more detailed understanding. That makes for an excellent social network.

The good thing about LoudUp is that people are free to contact other members. Other than other artists, there are also a lot of music industry professionals. Therefore, where there are music industry professionals there are a lot of opportunities too. Whatever opportunities you are looking for, you can find them here.

If you would like to add any other sites to the list, please comment below.

More About Online Music Networking Sites Next Week…

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