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If you want to make money with your music you have come to the right place. Here, I blog about marketing from a musician's point of view. As an EDM producer, I mainly focus on this genre. However, you will find that the content I post here is good for any genre you care to name. I publish new posts every Wednesday, so please leave your name and email today if you want to learn more about marketing your music.

How To Grow Your YouTube Following The Easy Way

One of the biggest problems that YouTubers face is growing their YouTube following. What if I told you how to grow your YouTube following the easy way? Would that impress you? Well, I am here to show you that easy way and I am going to do that today in this post. Please be advised…

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12 Powerful Youtube Tools Worth Your Time And Money

As a YouTube, I am always looking out for powerful YouTube tools that will assist in helping me to succeed with my channel. In this post, I am going to share 12 YouTube tools that will really assist you in every aspect of your channel, from making the videos, to editing and optimising them. Therefore,…

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How To Find Powerful Ideas For Your Music Channel Videos

Sometimes, we get writers block about everything we attempt to do. I used to often get writers block whilst blogging, but now I have everything planned. I have started keeping a diary so I always plan well in advance. Writers block does not only happen with people writing text. It also happens to people making…

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3 Reasons You Need To Promote Your Music On Youtube

Today, we continue our look at music promotion on social media with a few reasons you need to promote your music on YouTube. There are certain genres that will work better on YouTube. I am going to tell you the biggest opportunity with what I believe is the perfect YouTube marketing plan. BTW if you…

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Synthwave Reviews of 2020 Albums: Dreamer by Morgan Willis

Who doesn’t appreciate finding new artists to enjoy? That is what Monday’s are going to be about on Today, we are looking at Dreamer by Morgan Willis. Hailing from the south of France, this artist first started to release synthwave in 2015 with Night Rider. However, the album we are looking at today, as…

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Get a Free Pack of Kick Drum Samples Today

Continuing from yesterday’s post about Synsonic’s BD 808 Kick Drum Machine. Today, I am giving you a free pack of kick drum samples that I created for you on the BD 808. I hope you enjoy them. Let’s face it all producers and creators of electronic music need access to kick drum samples. There are…

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Get Your Kicks on Synsonic’s BD 808 Drum Machine

Today, we look at Synsonic’s BD 808. Although this is a basic drum machine that will enable you to find some great kicks that you can use in your music. Obviously, as the name suggests this drum machine is modelled on the iconic TR808 of 1980s music fame. If you missed Tuesday’s review of Trance…

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How to Promote Your Music on Facebook

Your music promotion is no simply about having customers and selling to them. We are musicians and we need to build relationships in order to create fans. Therefore, in today’s post, you will learn how to promote your music on Facebook. Last week, we looked at how you can repurpose your blog content to maximise…

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How to Use a Trance Gate to Improve Your Music

Do you miss the trance music of the late 1990s/early 00s? Would you like to recreate those sounds in your music? This post is a review of a plugin called Trance Gate. This plugin will allow you to get the very sounds you are after. The Simplicity of Trance Gate With a simple graphical user…

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