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How to Find Powerful Ways You Can Repurpose Your Music Blog Content

Congratulations on publishing your blog post. That took a lot of effort. Your job has just begun with the promotion of your blog post, but then what can you do. In this post, I will show you exactly how you can repurpose your music blog content for even better results and a far reaching opportunity…

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How to Plan the Perfect Blog Post Promotion Schedule

Once you have published your post, your job has just begun. You need to spend time promoting your post with the perfect blog post promotion schedule. Last week, we looked at how to write the perfect blog post. Well today, we are furthering our look at blogging with our blog post promotion schedule. As always…

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How To Write The Perfect Blog Post Every Time

Welcome to the Krannaken blog. For those of you who are new here, I write a blog on music marketing. However, you should find this useful whether or not you are a musician. Today, I am sharing some thoughts with you on how to write the perfect blog post. This subject in itself is not…

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How To Generate Unlimited Post Ideas For Your Music Blog

It is sad to see a blog die out. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. The main reason is that the blogger has run out of ideas for music posts. Therefore, I am going to give you ideas for posts. These suggestions will be able to generate unlimited blog post ideas for you and your…

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How To Create A Successful Music Artist Website

Being a successful music artist is as much about being a great entrepreneur as it is about your musical talent. Therefore, a successful music artist website is vital to your success. In this post, we will look at the different platforms that you can use for your website. We will then go on to discuss…

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