LoopCloud 5: Keep Your Samples Organised and Easily Searchable

As a younger music producer, I dreamed of a day when music samples organization would be simple. That dream became a reality I found the joys of Loopmasters’ LoopCloud platform. In this post, you can find out more about LoopCloud 5. Furthermore, we will show you exactly why you need to invest your time in…

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Production Music Libraries: Why Are They Great News For Artists?

Production Music Libraries are big business.  However, what are they?  Why are they such great news for the mere musician and what opportunities are on offer?  In this post, we will answer those questions and also provide you with a list of many highly reputable production music libraries who are listed with the PRS (Performers…

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Music Libraries: One Way to Make Money For Producers

One way to earn money for a producer of any genre is to sell music through music libraries. In this post we will discover how you can make money by selling your music to a music library. What is the Music Library? A music library is, as the name suggests, a library of musical content….

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Online Music Lessons: The Pros and Cons For Students and Teachers

Online music lessons have totally revolutionized the way in which music is taught for both instrumentalists and those interested in getting to grips with music technology. However, as with everything else, online tutorials have their pros and cons. In this post, we will be identifying the pros and cons of online music lessons and also…

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