A Review of Alex Genadinik on Russian Folk Guitar

Although Alex Genadinik has lived in New York for over 20 years, he never forgets that his roots are on Russian soil. Alex sings and plays many Russian folk songs on guitar. His guitar skills are better than his singing, but his vocals are not about being skilled at singing. The songs he sings are important messages that need to be heard.

Alex Genadinik

Alex Genadinik playing Magic Dandelion

One such song is an anti-gun violence song called Magic Dandelion. This song is really Alex’s masterpiece and Alex sings to spread the important anti-gun violence message as much as anything else. Although I have played the guitar for over 20 years myself, from what I have seen of Alex and his guitar, I can quite honestly say that he is a more skilled guitarist than I am.

Magic Dandelion lasts for 4 minutes and 50 seconds. It is all played in fingerstyle and although Alex doesn’t have particularly strong vocals, the guitar is certainly something on which Alex excels.

Alex Genadinik Sings in Russian and English

One thing that the vast majority of guitarists can’t boast about is that Alex can sing in both Russian and English. In his other songs such as Road to Smolensk, Farewell Cadets and Blue Trolley, Alex sings in both Russian and English. Some verses will be in Russian whilst other verses are sung in English.

These songs are covers of the original work by Russian Poet, Bulat Okudzhava.

The Road to Smolensk

This is played with many standard major and minor chords. One thing I notice about Alex is that he does not bar his F chords. The same can be said for many guitarists and maybe this is something that many people find difficult to do, but at least it avoids the sound of fret buzz which would be an offputting aspect to the song.

After hearing the words to The Road to Smolensk, I gather that the song is a love song as it talks about the eyes of a loved one. This could easily be someone who misses the city of Smolensk. It is a city, isn’t it Alex?

The Road to Smolensk lasts for 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Alex Genadinik’s Cover of Farewell Cadets

At a guess, this could be another song about war. It also gives a sense of time spent as cadets who have now grown up to be officers. Maybe it is another anti-war song. This really is the kind of music that I picture relaxing in the evening, with a drink. I have to have a drink when I am listening to this one. It just goes with the picture. I think Alex is good enough to offer his guitar playing at local New York bars and possibly jazz clubs.

Alex Genadinik’s Cover of Blue Trolley

By trolley, do we get pictures of a trolley bus in the lyrics? The lyrics talk about the last subway train at midnight. I know that in some places in the world, they speak of the trolley as the bus. Although here in the UK, we just call it the train. The subway could bring pictures of the tube on the underground network in Moscow. However, when the song mentions shipwrecks. It speaks of a much different place as inland as Moscow. This could be somewhere like St Petersburg?

If you are familiar with Bulat Okudzhava and his poetry, it would be great to hear from you in the comments section below. You are also welcome to subscribe to Alex Genadinik’s music channel by clicking this link.

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