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In today’s video podcast, we review the popular Spitfire Audio Free Download, LABS. As you will notice from the video, the sound quality of the products in LABS is exceptionally good. It is even better than a lot of premium counterparts. Therefore, if you want to make either cinematic music, classical music or any subgenre of classical music, Spitfire Audio LABS is a must-have.

In our video, we demonstrate various different instruments. These include the frozen strings, ghost bells, choir and trumpet. All of these instruments are sampled from real-life instruments. Therefore, the sound quality is excellent. If you want to make cinematic music or any subgenre of classical music, I highly recommend this product to you. It is well worth the time taken to investigate more about it.

Let us look at each of these instruments that we demonstrated in the video.

Spitfire Audio Ghost Hand Bells

Have you ever considered what the bells might sound like in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? Well, maybe they are like the ghost handbells in LABS. This sound is eerily spooky. Therefore, if you are writing music for a horror scene in a film, or a clip for a production music library, this sound would be a hot contender. However, there is another hot contender for the fright-of-the-night award. These are the frozen strings.

Spitfire Audio Frozen Strings

When I first heard this sound, I thought it was a violin. However, when I listen back to it, it could very easily be a mandolin. My initial thought was that the bow was running slowly and gradually along the strings. However, it sounds more like a series of small plucks. Therefore, this would be more associated with a mandolin.

The spooky sound of the frozen strings are ideal for a horror scene. This could also be used for documentaries about ghosts, hauntings, etc. I now write more for music libraries than any other goal. This is because there is a bigger demand for production music than any other outlet.

If you don’t know anything about production music libraries, the video below will explain more. It is by an expert of this type of music business and I can highly recommend him, his YouTube channel and his courses.

The frozen strings sounds are some of my favourite sounds on LABS. I will definitely be using them in my own music.

The Choir

The voices in the choir vary from bass to soprano. The latter sounds like choirboys singing. It is easy to have all voices singing at once. A further point I wish to mention is the reality of the sounds. The sound will evolve if you hold a finger down on a key. It will become much more euphoric and sound amazing when you keep the key pressed.

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As an accomplished producer, I am far too used to horrible sounds that call themselves brass. However, with LABS, the brass actually sounds real. If you want to have a realistic trumpet sound in your production, I can highly recommend this one. Gone are the days of synthetic and artificial sounding brass sounds. Thank you to Spitfire Audio because your brass sounds actually sound like brass sounds.

If you want to download Spitfire Audio’s LABS, you can get it here. Thank you for reading this post.

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