How to Write an Executive Summary for a Music Artist

The executive summary is the first thing that you have to write in your executive summary. This includes your business name, your slogan and your elevator pitch. Let’s look at each of these in turn.

Your Business Name is the First Thing in Your Executive Summary

In the case of a band or musical artist, the name is your band or artist name. For instance, our name is Krannaken. This is what people know us as. People don’t know who David Verney or Everhald Hyme Purdy are. Therefore, they will think of us as Krannaken and if they saw us on the street, the name Krannaken would be the first thing they think about…supposing we got so famous that someone would recognise us.

Your Slogan

You should have a slogan that sums up your business in one sentence. For Krannaken, the slogan is “promoting producers worldwide”. As I gave the example in the video, I will also reiterate it here. The slogan for Tesco is “Every Little Helps” and just as I said in the video: Every little helps Tesco, but it doesn’t help us.

What is your slogan? If you were going to sum it up in one sentence what would your business be? Who do you class as your customers? Furthermore, what is it you are trying to achieve for your customers through your music? Are you looking to relax, excite them, make them happy, envoke a feeling of euphoria? What is it that your music does for people?

executive summary

Your Elevator Pitch Should Also Be Included in Your Executive Summary

If you were in an elevator for two minutes with a potential fan and you wanted to tell them about your music, what would you say? I hear you. You think, “It’s ok, I’ll just play music on my mobile”. What if you don’t have your mobile? How would you explain your elevator pitch in words? This is necessary because you can’t write your music down on your business plan? What would you say, in the text of your business plan, to get people to be interested enough to want to check your music out further?

One of the products I am working on for my business is a Udemy course. That is what the video at the top of this page is for. Therefore, I would say, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you get all the videos for free. However, if you want the full experience with all the pdf’s and everything else, you can get that from Udemy by enrolling in the course.

Why should you invest in the course?

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