What is the Most Powerful Feature on Hypeddit?

Today, we continue our look at Hypeddit with the most powerful feature on Hypeddit?. What is Hypeddit‘s most powerful feature and why? Well in my view the answer to this question is the Promotion Exchange

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most powerful feature on Hypeddit
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What is the Promotion Excange?

Did you ever come across the old-fashioned traffic exchange? It was a site (well a type of site) that forced people to sift through thousands of advertising webpages. In return for sitting through all these pages, you had people look at your pages too. Many of these were completely free of charge. However, some cost a little bit. Other traffic exchanges also had various different pricing plans.

What Does the Most Powerful Feature on Hypeddit Have to do With the Traffic Exchange?

This feature is similar to those sites in that you go through the songs of other artists. However, instead of just clicking any-old-where, you have to share other artists music on various different social media and music streaming sites. You can also obtain names, email addresses and even ask for a donation.

How Does That Make This Feature So Powerful?

Think about this for a moment. People are sharing your music on as many channels as you want them to. They are also following you. Therefore, they are going to get your latest updates on any platform you choose. For us, we use YouTube, SoundCloud and email. Sometimes, we will use Facebook too. However, it is important to note that Facebook’s reach is very poor. Quite often, I will make a post on my Facebook page and it will be seen by fewer than 10 out of more than 13,000 people who are supposed to “like” my page.

Why Are My Leads So Good?

I believe I am generating my target customers through my Hypeddit activity because these are people who want to market their music. Unless you haven’t noticed, my website and YouTube channel are especially targeted at other audio artists. Therefore, these are the right people for my business.

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