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When it comes to music publishing, you have a few choices to make. You may be glad to hear that quality is not a barrier. I am not suggesting that you make poor quality music. However, I am saying that quality is not an issue. However, in our view there are two choices – fast and paid music publishing or slow and free music publishing.

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Fast and Paid Music Publishing

Why use Distrokid for Music Publishing?

Distrokid can have your music on all the top streaming and retail music sites online within hours. Not only that, they have a wider range of retail opportunities than our slow and free strategy. They can also add your music to Shazam. This means you can be recognised by people wanting to know who wrote your track.

Distrokid charges around £35 per year for music publishing of your music. On the downside, if you don’t pay your annual fee, they will remove your music from those websites. However, you can select for it to be permanent by paying an extra fee when you upload your music.

Introducing Slow and Free

Why use RouteNote for Your Music Publishing Requirements?

Are you strapped for cash? Would you mind waiting a few weeks or a couple of months for your publishers to catch up? You can have your music published on all the big sites for free. Yes, free, it really is that simple.

You may be feeling sceptical about RouteNote. After all, how do they make their money if they don’t charge you for their service? This question has a simple answer. They take 10% of your royalties. However, they also charge you if you want 100% of the commission. This is something like £10 (Great British Pounds) for a song. You will have to pay £30 for an EP. Alternatively, you pay around £70 for an album..

Perhaps the best thing about RouteNote is that they will always keep your music in the store. This is even if you move to another music publisher. Sadly, this is a negative point for Distrokid. Therefore, if we said goodbye at the end of this year, they would remove our music from the sites. As Distrokid see it, they have people paying them year after year. This is because artists don’t want to have their music removed from sites. They will happily pay to keep their music on the sites.

Alternatives Ways to Make Money With Your Music

If publishing your own music in this way is not for you, there are plenty of other ways to make money with your music. If you want to know what they are, you are welcome to join our mailing list and receive your free copy of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing.

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