Music Blogging Platforms: Which Platform Do You Need?

There are a few factors that you have to consider before launching your own artist website. This post looks at which are the best music blogging platforms and why you need to consider them. Personally, as you can see, we use, but that is not the only platform. Each platform has its own pros and cons and we will look at them in this post.

Music Blogging Platforms:

Pros of using

As I mention above, we use for our blog. This is largely because we can shape it and mould it into exactly what we want. You can also use any theme, any plugins and there is a much wider market. We also believe that you can gain much more exposure from search engines if you use This is because we can use Yoast and if you use Yoast, you know whether or not your site appeals to the search engines.

Cons of using

The cons of using a site for your music blogging platforms include the price. You pobably end up paying more for a site in the long-term. Your costs include your domain name and also your hosting. You can host for anything from a few dollars per month. However, the costs for your own website don’t really hang in the cost of domain and hosting.

The biggest cost for a website are in your mailing list. With nearly all autoresponder companies, the cost for a bigger list will be more money and you could easily find yourself paying out $200 per month on the size of your list. However, if you know how to use your mailing list, you will be able to easily make that money back from promoting valuable products and services to the list.

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Bandzoogle Music Blogging Platforms

The majority of Bandzoogle websites don’t do a whole lot with the blog. However, it is there for everyone to use if they wish. So, what are the pros of using Bandzoogle…

Bandzoogle Pros

Perhaps the biggest plus for using a Bandzoogle website is the in-built mailing list. However, it always also comes with SSL certification too.

Another good thing about using Bandzoogle is the look of the site. They always look great. Here is an example of a Bandzoogle website. In this example, you can see great visuals. You can use both images and videos on the landing page as a background feature. However, one thing you will not find in the example site is a blog. Therefore, they aren’t likely to get as much search engine traffic as

Cons of using Bandzoogle Music Blogging Platforms

Although Bandzoogle is a great site and they can really boost your music, there are drawbacks. As well as less search engine traffic than music blogging platforms, they are also less easy to customize than sites. You don’t have the reassurance of Yoast. This lack of customizable features is the biggest reason why we opted for for our music website.

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