Facebook Groups For Music Producers: 12 Groups Should You Join

If you are interested in any subject at all, you can find related groups on Facebook. It doesn’t matter whether that is archery or alchemy! Therefore, it is also possible to find Facebook groups for music producers. In this post, we will list 12 groups and tell you why you need to join them today…

Good Reasons to Join Facebook Groups For Music Producers

There are many great reasons to join Facebook groups for musicians. Here we list some of the best reasons to join them…

You Can Get Quick Answers to Pressing Questions in Facebook Groups For Music Producers

I will give you an example here…

Last night, (as recent as that), I was having a problem in exporting files as wave files in FL Studio. I know it is easy and everybody knows how to do it. It is obvious and ridiculously easy – typical FL Studio. However, that was not my issue. My issue was that I was having too much blank space at the end of my file. I had no idea why that was. Therefore, I could have gone on to these groups and asked “Why am I getting too much space?” I still don’t know, but that is an example of something that you may be able to learn more about in Facebook groups for Music Production.

You Can Also Get Gear Recommendations From Facebook Group For Music Producers

A couple of years ago, I bought Maschine Mk II. This was one of the most appealing bits of kit I had ever bought. However, it wasn’t the best technology I have ever bought. The advertising made it look a lot better than it actually was. Furthermore, Native Instruments’ customer service at that time was terrible. They only seemed to be open for two hours per day and even then it took almost the whole time to get through.

However, that little rant was not my issue. The thing was that you can find ratings for better, easier to use technology on Facebook groups. These are real people talking about real products and their own experience.

If someone says, “Get this awesome technology” and gives you a link, don’t take the bait. The reason they do that is because they are being paid a cut of the commission.

You need to talk to real people about real technology. You need to get real and genuine reviews from people who aren’t being financially paid to sell you those products. What experience have other group members had? That is a great point about engaging in a group. You can get the truth on a piece of technology before you buy it.

Facebook Groups for Music Producers Can Have Competitions and Contests

Another great reason to use Facebook groups is that you can find great competitions and contests that you can take part in. Apart from a chance to win something great is that you will gain experience. Furthermore, this experience will help you to build better mixes for other tracks in the future. You can win anything. The last competition I joined was to win a set of studio headphones. I didn’t win, but who cares? I still had the experience of building something I was happy with.

Facebook Groups for Music Producers
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General Etiquette in Facebook Groups For Music Producers

Facebook Groups For Music Producers Can Have Too Many Post-and-Forget Spammers

Probably the biggest no-no of all of these groups is people who will spread blog post or other links and then forget it. They just forget the whole group until the next time they want to post a link. This is bad because a group should be a group of people who help each other and not a group of people in the post-and-forget mindset. You have to help other people and then people will be more likely to engage with you.

Facebook Groups For Music Producers and Anything Else See Too Much Rule Dodging

Another no-no in Facebook Groups is that people rarely take note of the rules. Therefore group owners need to be more vigilant. They need to ban who they need to.

1 Underground Music Production Group

The first of our Facebook groups for music production is the Underground Music Production Group. This is very a very active community and is basically people asking questions that are helped by other people. There are 8,583 current members at the time of writing (23rd October 2019).

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2 Music Production & Audio Engineering Group

The Music Production & Audio Engineering Group allows for a multiple different types of posts. There are advertising and promotional posts from bands and artists. There are also people who posts different questions, seeking advice. The Music Production & Audio Engineering Group has 33,076 members of this group and it is very active with daily posts.

3 Songwriting and Music Production Group

The Songwriting and Music Production Group has a particular focus on the art of songwriting. Therefore, if you want to find lyrics or if you want to find other people who write lyrics to the background music that you write, you can find them here. There are 114,843 members and there is a lot of engagement.

4 Dance Music Production Group

The Dance Music Production Group has a particular focus on teaching dance music production skills. In the group owner’s words, “It is about how to produce dance music”. Therefore, they do not accept other genres outside the dance music umbrella. They also don’t accept links to other groups or websites. However, there is a thread where blog post updates are permissible. There are 2,105 members at the time of writing this post.

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5 Black Octopus Music Production Discussion Group

This is a group for talking all things music production. With the strangest name on the list, the Black Octopus Music Production Discussion Group has a total of 1,866 members at the time of writing. Therefore, it is one of the smallest groups on our list. However, it is still very active. People can post their music in one thread that is on the group. However, it looks like members are allowed to post promotional updates on their individual projects.

6 Fab vd M Music Production Group

Although this group is largely in English, the owners are Dutch and are from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The genre mainly covered is the trance music scene (typically Dutch). However, there are a total of 1,949 groups, making it another one of our minnows. The posts are mainly from Fabian van der Meer who works for Dutch radio.

7 Computer Base Mixing and Music Production Group

This is another group about sharing information to do with music production. Therefore, it is about learning from and offering advice to other group members. The big no-no here is posting links to your tracks. This is seen as spamming the group and group owners will not tolerate it.

The Computer Based Mixing and Music Production Group have a total number of 19,368 group members at the time of writing this post.

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8 Music Production [House//Tech-House//Techno]

As the name suggests this group focuses mainly on the Techno and House genres. It also caters to the crossover between the two. This is a very friendly group and people are very supportive. This can be much needed after a day of sitting in your home studio. It can be a lonely world. There are only 842 members which add to the close-knit nature of the group.

9 Production Music Group

Production music or library music, as we call it in the UK, is about music that is written for film, TV and anything else that needs sounds and sound effects. However, production music is about longer pieces of music too. Have you ever wondered where the ringtone came from on your mobile?

The Production Music Facebook group for music production has 423 members. Therefore, this is the smallest group of 12. We put this down to the fact that production music is still not mainly tapped into by aspiring musicians. I only heard of production music during the final year of my Bachelor’s Degree.

10 Production Music World

Production Music World is another group that caters to the library or production music industry. Therefore, our list includes two different groups for the same niche industry.

There are only 431 members. This further makes our point about this industry being little known outside the music production world. Another reason for it’s little name is that production or library music is that kids don’t grow up thinking “I’m going to be a production music artist”. Kids want to be pop stars and give the world of production music a wide birth. However, production music is much more exciting than main-stream pop music.

11 Production, Mixing and Mastering Group

Another group that also does what it says on the tin. The Production, Mixing and Mastering Group is all about the production, mixing and mastering of your music. Therefore, it looks at each step along the way from creation to getting music ready for distribution.

This group has 17,613 members and is currently fairly active with the most recent posts being made earlier this month.

12 All Producers Of Electronic Music

As with the Dance Music Production Group, All Producers Of Electronic Music is aimed at electronic musicians. However, with this group, artists and producers are encouraged to post promotional links to latest songs etc. Therefore, the group are much more tolerant of the humble spammer. However, you should not spam groups. Learn the etiquette of Facebook groups in the section towards the top of this post.

At the time of making this post, there are 8,086 members of this group.

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Are you a member of any other Facebook groups for music production? If so, please let us know in the comments section below…

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