Hypeddit Music Charts: How to Get Your Track to Number One

The strategy I am going to share with you today got two out of three track releases to number one. Therefore, I am highly qualified to get you to the very top of the Hypeddit music charts. Read on and get the lowdown on this practice…

I am going to share this with you step-by-step and after having the advice from the owner of Hypeddit, I am ready to rock the Hypeddit music charts like never before.

However, I am sharing my strategy with you. I know you will think that is daft. Why is this crazy Englishman sharing his secrets with us that could cost him a loss of placement. Well, I don’t care. Being at number one doesn’t come with any cash – just bragging rights!

So, here is my strategy…

Step-by-Step to Getting to the top of the Hypeddit Music Charts…

Step One: Join Hypeddit (if you are not already a member)

I know D’uh you have to be a member if you want to be at the top of their charts. It only makes sense. There are a few options for membership. You can be a free member, but free members can only use one gate with one track. However, a single track, can still help immensely.

Personally, I pay less than $10 per month and I have all I need in that monthly subscription.

Step Two: Click on Share Music

…and then create first download gate.

Step Three: Create your first Download Gate

It is highly advised that you just use SoundCloud in this one. If you don’t already have a SoundCloud account, just create one. It is vital that you upgrade to pro for something like $7 per month. This will be included later in this process.

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Step Four: Give them something more useful than your track

After completing steps one and two, it is vital that you give people something more valuable than… just another track! You can give them anything you like. Make a digital product, give them that. In my download gates, I just give people the stems for my tracks so that they can remix them if they would like to do so. Therefore, more people are going to be interested because you are giving them something useful.

Step Five: Follow the advice of Hypeddit

It just makes sense. However, when you come to the “Gate Steps”, just use SoundCloud. Take the advice of Hypeddit and don’t do more than get an email and connect on Soundcloud. Furthermore, you should certainly steer clear of Apple Music. The artists who use Apple are clogging up the Promotion Exchange (more on that later) because nobody can use the Apple links.

Step Six: Linking to Hypeddit from your SoundCloud track

You need to ensure that you follow the links in the last step and ensure that your share gate is linked to your SoundCloud track. Therefore, a link will appear along with your SoundCloud track that says, “Free Download” or something along those lines. That is another reason for using SoundCloud as a primary step on your share gate.

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Step Seven: Ensure you are a SoundCloud Pro

You need to be a SoundCloud Pro because only with a Pro account can you do the next step. Therefore, if you have not done so already, upgrade to Pro now. It is only another $7 monthly (or a similar fee).

Step Eight: Use the Spotlight facility on your SoundCloud Pro account

This is why you need a SoundCloud Pro account. It is because you only get the Spotlight feature with a Pro account. The Spotlight feature enables you to share up to five of your tracks at the top of your SoundCloud account.

Step Nine: Like, follow, comment and reshare like crazy

If you do these things, other SoundCloud members will value you. Therefore, they are more likely to share your content too. Having your content at the top of your profile means that people will find you more easily.

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Step Ten: Use the Promotion Exchange to reach the top on the Hypeddit Music Charts

Hypeddit have a fairly new feature called the Promotion Exchange. This means that members can share music, connect with each other on the different social media…or just SoundCloud and an email address as I have already recommended. It is also important that you do this final step as much as possible.

In fact, whenever you get a few minutes you need to check the Download Exchange for new tracks.

How has being at the top of the Hypeddit music charts helped me?

As well as getting to number one, it has also enabled me to build a bigger mailing list of just under 100 people in a very short space of time. These are also the kinds of people who I can help with my blog content.

Take away advice for being at the top of the Hypeddit music charts

My biggest advice for you if you want to get to the top of the charts is…

  • Give them something useful. Don’t just give them just another track. Think outside the box. What can you do for your audience that others are not doing?
  • Always collect an email
  • Always use SoundCloud and not any of the other platforms.
  • Keep it really simple.
  • Always check the Promotion Exchange. It does not matter if you have used a song in the past. You are doing this to gain the credit.
  • Like, comment, follow and reshare on SoundCloud like crazy.

Thank you for reading this post today. If I have helped you, please sign up to the blog RSS feed so that you are kept up to date with new blog posts.

Click this link to check out an example of my share gate.

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