monetizing a music blog

There are many of methods to monetizing a music blog. In this post, we will cover ten of those methods. Therefore, if work in music, monetizing a music blog could be a great way for you to generate some extra income.


1) Monetizing a Music Blog Through Affiliate Marketing

It always surprises me to see how many people (even salespeople) do not know what affiliate marketing is.  However, this is a key strategy in monetizing a music blog.  Basically, you get paid a commission for advertising a product and driving traffic to a website.

When the site visitors purchase something from the website, you get a commission. This could be anything from 1 to (in some cases) 75% or 80%. It really is that good. Therefore, it makes sense that you should be using affiliate programs as a key way to make money with your blog.


2) Monetizing a Music Blog With Merch


Merch is the perfect advertisement.  Firstly, real fans are keen to purchase it.  Secondly, you get paid by your fans so that they can wear your merch.  Therefore, you are being paid to advertise.

There are many sites that offer a service where you can design merchandise.  Among them are companies like Teespring and Cafe Press.  These companies will basically drop ship merchandise to your customers for you.

You may be unsure as to what drop shipping is.  Therefore, let me explain.  You find the products, find a customer, and sell the goods.  The difference in affiliate marketing is that affiliate marketing is just about advertising. 

Dropshipping is when you find the customer and they pay you directly for the product.  You then go to the drop shipper and purchase the product to be sent directly to the customer.  Therefore, you are not handling the product at all.  You are only selling it as a kind of middle-man. 


3)  Monetizing a Music Blog With Your Own Fan Club


If you have fans, why not have your own fan club?  You can give these people exclusive products and information about you and your band.  This could be something as simple as images and videos. 

You can also run competitions.  This latter opportunity really helps to grow your fan base.  


monetizing a music blog 



4)  Create Your Own Patreon Page


This is another thing you need to do if you have plenty of fans.  This is because Patreon is a way for you to make a regular income.  You will have to provide fans with something unique and something totally different.  The key here is to think outside the box.  What can you give to fans that nobody else can?  

One thing we are doing for Christmas is to give our latest EP to family and friends.  That is unique from anything anybody else can give.  Furthermore, they will be the only people in the world who have our EP on a CD.  This is because all the other music we have released has been on streaming services.



5)  Ever Thought About Selling Music?

This may be obvious but have you ever considered monetizing a music blog by selling music?  You can sell your music, sample packs and sheet music too.  If you are unsure of how to create sheet music, don’t worry.  I am telling you not to worry because most DAW’s have the ability to print music directly by reading your midi.  It’s as easy as that. 

Furthermore, by selling your music on vinyl as well as CD’s, you are opening your market right up.  DJ’s can now play your music in their sets.  This gives you valuable airplay as well as more exposure.  It doesn’t matter where DJ’s play your music because if you are being heard that is an advertisement in itself, for your music.


monetize a music blog


6)  Monetize a Music Blog By Selling Gig Tickets?


Are you a gigging artist or band?  Do you also go on tour?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, it is important that your tickets are available online.  

You can use Woocommerce to have tickets available for instant download.  Therefore, you don’t have to do anything.  This is known as passive income.  Do it once and it will go on running without having to be labored over by a real-life-person.  


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7)  Monetizing a Music Blog By Advertising Your Fiverr Gigs


If you are well-known you can charge a lot more than five measly dollars – even to critique people’s work.  You can basically say what you think of the track.  It might not be your taste in music, but if you can give good honest feedback, you can charge anything.

The way you can do this from a blog is to advertise your Fiverr gig on your blog and in your mailshots.


8) Create a course


You may not be well-known enough to be considered for a Masterclass course on  However, you can still write a very valuable course and sell it on Udemy for as much as £200.  Seriously!  People are paying that kind of money to enrol on Udemy courses.  Again, you should advertise your course on your blog.