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As a younger music producer, I dreamed of a day when music samples organization would be simple. That dream became a reality I found the joys of Loopmasters’ LoopCloud platform. In this post, you can find out more about LoopCloud 5. Furthermore, we will show you exactly why you need to invest your time in this incredible software platform.



What is LoopCloud 5 and why is it so great?


Basically put, LoopCloud 5 is an organizer. It organizes your samples by several different parameters. These include instrument, format, key, tempo, and genre.




These instruments include the usual guitars, drums, and keys – although there are a lot of more unusual instruments. Get ready to hear African percussive instruments, ambient FX, processed hits and much more.




As well as the expected wave files, you will find midi, mp3 files, patches and presets. You will also find entire construction kits of premade sounds for separate songs. These latter products are all ready to be fitted together.


Key and Tempo in LoopCloud 5


Just so that it is ultra-easy for you to find the right samples, LoopCloud makes this a great time saver and it could not be easier. This is because they have a tab where you can pick your key and a slider that enables you to pick a tempo range (or indeed the right tempo itself).




Although I tend to stick to trance and psytrance for my music, I have found samples that will fit in any genre. You will find samples that are suitable for electronic genres like techno. You will also find non-EDM genres too. These will include rock, folk, and punk.


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LoopCloud 5 Subscription Options


Although, there is a free option for LoopCloud, there are also subscription levels that offer all sorts of good stuff. There are inclusive points available as well as free samples. The levels are named Free, Artist, Studio and Professional. Personally, I have the studio plan and it suits my needs.


What is included in the free plan of LoopCloud 5?


The free plan does not have any points. There are no fx, storage, exclusive sounds, plugin suite, or top-up points. However, the free plan does come with 5 free sounds per day and you can store either your own, or Loopmasters samples in your version of LoopCloud. It is also worth noting that there are two versions of LoopCloud. These are either standard or pro. The free subscription comes with the standard software.


What is included in the artist subscription?


The artist’s plan is for serious artists. At only £5.99, it doesn’t dent your bank account, but none of the plans do. Your version of LoopCloud 5 is the pro version. You get 10 free samples daily, 100 points to spend on any samples. You get FX, the capability of layering up to 8 of your samples. This comes with 5 GB of storage space. There are also exclusive sounds, a plugin suite and you can store both your own and Loopmasters samples.


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What is included in the studio membership plan?


This is the membership I have. The difference from an artist’s account is that it comes with 300 monthly points. This means that each credit is worth 3p. As most samples are either 1 or 2 credits, then each sample is either 3p or 6p. Therefore, it hardly breaks the bank, does it?

Other differences are that it comes with 20 free samples per day, 50 GB of storage space and top-up points. This latter feature means that you can have additional points added to your account.


What is included in LoopCloud 5’s Professional membership?


The Professional account comes with 600 points. This level costs £17.99 per month. This makes the credits 2p each. Therefore, the samples are mainly either 2p or 4p each.

There is also 250 GB storage space. You can use it on up to 4 devices. and you can get 50 free samples per day too.


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I have to say I am a big fan of LoopCloud 5. Now they have become more serious and started to monetize the platform, it only makes sense to upgrade. You are not breaking the bank by upgrading either. However, if you really do feel that £5.99, £9.99 or £17.99 is too much, then you can just use the free version. The benefits of upgrading are well worth your consideration.

Download LoopCloud 5 here



Please also note that I am not an affiliate of Loopmasters, Plugin Boutique or LoopCloud and this is an honest review.

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