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If you want to succeed in a music career, you need to find the right people. Sure, you can cold call labels, agents, session musicians, etc. However, nothing beats a music networking club for getting to know the right people in music. Therefore, today, we are going to discuss the elements of your own music networking club and how you can build those relationships with the right people.

Your event could work very well alongside our offline music promotion strategies to get your own music heard.

music networking club

The 4 P’s of Running a Music Networking Club

Just as with the 4 P’s of marketing (product, place, price and promotion), your music networking club also has 4 P’s. However, they are different and each adds to the success of your club.

The 4 P’s of running a successful networking club are as follows…

  • Purpose
  • People
  • Place
  • Promotion

They should be addressed in that order. Therefore, let us begin with that task…

The Purpose of Your Music Networking Club

The first question you should ask yourself is whether there are any other similar groups in the area? Are they missing something important? What is that something? Do you think you can deliver something that is missing in the other group?

One idea that you could have is to offer a local establishment such as a bar or a public house an open mic evening. That way, they are attracting more customers as people love live music. Everyone is enjoying themselves and you get free use of the venue as they make the money from food and drink sales.

Founding Members of Club

The next consideration is the people. These are the founding members of your music networking club. Who do you currently know who has anything to do with music?

This does not have to be direct. For instance, who do you know who indirectly has something to do with music? Such people could include the Vicar or Preacher at your local Church. This is because they may want to hold events to raise money for their Church. Therefore, it is important to think outside-the-box when organizing our club.

It is also important that you take your friends and family to the first few club events so that if nobody else turns up, at least you have each other. Therefore, at least you will enjoy yourselves – even if you’re the only ones there.

Where Will You Hold Your Club Events?

When you are considering where you should hold your music networking club events, you should take the following into consideration…

  • Where is the most convenient bar or public house for your members to get to?
  • Are your members likely to have alcoholic beverages? If so, you need to be somewhere within easy reach of good public transport links.
  • How much is the establishment charging you for your meeting? If they propose a meeting charge at any rate at all, you should look elsewhere. This is because they are already making money from your members purchasing food and drink. Why should you pay more? You can also offer to put on an open-mic night or a Sunday afternoon open-mic event. This would attract more money for your venue at no extra charge to them.
  • As well as where you are holding your events, when is the best time for your events. As it is music, I highly recommend that you hold your events on a weekend.

How to Promote Your Networking Club

This is where most of your time and money will be spent. If you can get any membership fees from your members or a donation from the venue, it is needed more for the promotion and marketing of your event than any other expense.

As there is so much to the promotion of your events, we will be covering this next week. Please leave your email in the box at the top of the right sidebar and we will notify you whenever we make a new post. Thanks for reading this post.