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Being a successful music artist is as much about being a great entrepreneur as it is about your musical talent. Therefore, a successful music artist website is vital to your success. In this post, we will look at the different platforms that you can use for your website. We will then go on to discuss the elements of your music artist website.

Platforms for Your Music Artist Website


This is my personal favorite. This is because I can tailor my website to look exactly as I want it. The cost is small. You just need to purchase a domain name and a hosting package. I use NameCheap, but you can use any provider you are happy with. I have used NameCheap for many years and always had a great customer experience with them.

Another great aspect of using WordPress.org websites is that you own 100% of your content. Whereas with sites like Blogger or WordPress.com, those companies own your content. This means they can use your material however they wish.


Bandzoogle is a blogging platform that is specially set up for musicians. It costs something like $20 per month. However, for this price, you also get your own autoresponder and email marketing facilities. This takes away the need to use a service like Aweber or GetResponse. These two services cost more than $10 per month and can cost over $100 or even $1000.

What Kind of Website Do I Recommend?

Personally, I recommend that you create a blog. This has to be updated regularly. Therefore, there is more content for the search engines to discover. This makes your website more popular with top search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

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Why Does Content Rule Over The Search Engine War?

The search engines search for the keywords that users enter. I could use words on my website such as “What are the best keywords to use?” When Google finds that keyword (also called a longtail keyword), it ranks my content for that phrase. A longtail keyword is a sentence that is being searched for. The fact that a longtail keyword is made up of a series of words makes them more unique and less commonly searched for. However, if we do our keyword research properly, we will understand that fewer web pages and more searches are being carried out for our web pages.

What Does a Successful Music Artist Website Include in Features

There are a few features that can be added to a successful music artist website. What you have on your website depends solely on what you hope to achieve as an artist.

a successful music artist website
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For instance, you may want to sell loops and samples. You may also or alternatively want to produce library music. Therefore, you should use WooCommerce. Another thing you can do is produce courses in music production or using specific DAWs or plugins. You can sell these through both Udemy and Skillshare. However, it is also important that you promote them on your own website too.

Other things you can promote on your website are merchandise and gig tickets.

Other Than Selling Your Own Products What Else Can You Do With a Successful Music Artist Website?

Another way of generating engagement from your fans through your website include holding competitions. There are also more ways of generating an income from your artist website. These include affiliate marketing.

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Such things can include running competitions. These can help to build your subscriber base. Competitions also help you to build rapport, leading to a great relationship with your fans. These can give you a great sense of what your fans like, what they do for a living and where in the world they live. This, in turn, helps you to build a successful tour profile. Therefore, you will know where to gig, how much to charge and you will have a full house at each event.

If you keep a blog, these, in turn, have their own way of putting money in your pocket. You can monetize them in a number of ways. You can promote affiliate programs. On my website, I have banners for PluginBoutique and Loopmasters. They are affiliate programs. Some of the other links are also affiliate programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing guarantees you a commission for generating sales for other websites. For you, it is a win-win because you don’t have to pay anything initially. The idea is that people see banners or links on your website. When your readers click those links and buy something, the price they pay includes a commission for you. The best items to sell are digital products. There are various reasons for this, but perhaps the best is that products can be immediately downloaded. They also cost nothing to reproduce meaning that you can expect a much higher commission of at least 50%.

Top affiliate networks for digital products include Clickbank and JVZoo. Both of these platforms host affiliate programs. They make sure that you are paid what you are due, when you are due.

a successful music artist website
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What Does A Website Visitor See When They First See A Successful Music Artist Website?

The first thing that a website visitor should see when looking at a successful music artist website, has to be the About Page. This can just be a few paragraphs like you will find at the top of the right sidebar. These lines should include a strong reason why they should be on your website. Otherwise, they will not care and click off as soon as they clicked on.

This has to lead people to leave an email address so that you can write to them with new blog posts etc.

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