29 Great Reasons Why You Need to Start a Music Blog Today

There are many reasons why you need to start a music blog today. Some are obvious and some are not quite so obvious, but as a musician, it can really take your music business to the next level.

As this blog focuses on music marketing, we will look at it from a professional musician’s viewpoint. However, this is quite generic and even if you are not a musician, you will still find some value here.

you need to start a blog
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1 You Need to Start a Music Blog So That You Can Become an Expert in Your Field

If you keep a regular blog on a specific subject, you either know a lot about that subject now, or you will in the future. The latter possibility is because your blog will keep your mind updated about the different aspects of your subject.

From a musical point of view, you will already know how to play an instrument and you will probably know a lot about our genre. However, you should build your genre around you.

I say build your genre around you because as a musician, it is your job to shape and mold a genre. For instance, as Krannaken, we are now working on building a sub-genre of trance and synth-wave called trance wave. You don’t want to sound like anyone else. You want to be yourself and the best way to be yourself is to be different from the rest.

2 You Don’t Need to Know Tonnes About the Technical Side

Another great factor in your reasons to start a music blog could well be that technical skills are not required. The only issues I ever have on the technical side are setting up the SSL, etc. However, t actually run and maintain a blog, you don’t need any technical know-how.

The only technical side you may come across in your blog will be in the installation of WordPress plugins. However, there are almost always clear instructions on how to do what you need to do.

3 You Need to Start a Music Blog Because It is a Great Way to Make Money

Although it is hardly a get-rich-quick scheme and there is a lot to learn, blogging does offer a lucrative (and often passive) income stream. There are several ways to make money with a blog. You can create and promote your own products, or you can advertise other affiliate program and be paid a generous commission.

For me, the biggest learning experience is traffic generation. The more people you have coming to your site, the more sales and income you can generate as a result.

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4 You Need to Start a Music Blog Because You Need to Maintain and Use Your Skills

Have you ever learned this truth about your skills: “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. That is a saying we have here in the United Kingdom. You need to practice your skills or you will lose the ability to do them. As a boy, I always thought that when a soccer player was injured, he would remember his skills and be able to pick up where he left off. However, it doesn’t really work like that. There is often a knack to a skill that demands regular practice or you will lose it.

5 There Are Low Capital Requirements

The capital you require is affordable to most people. All you need is your domain name, a hosting account with a reputable hosting service. It is also a good idea to subscribe to an email marketing service so that you can build your own list. A list of interested people is what is more traditionally known as a customer base. Your customer base is people who you are able and must write to with updated blog posts. One of the first things I do when I publish a new blog post is to write to my list.

you need to start a blog
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6 You Need to Start a Music Blog So That You Can Clarify Your Thoughts and Understanding

A blog allows you to document your thoughts and understanding of a certain subject. In so doing, you are also conveying your personality to your readers. This is because your readers imagine you speaking from reading your words.

However, if you have specific knowledge and understanding of your musical instrument or genre of music, people will want to learn more. I often watch YouTube videos on a wide range of subjects because I want to learn about those subjects. I don’t watch YouTube videos because I like the voice of the person presenting it. For me, it is 100% about the subject of the video.

7 You Need to Start a Music Blog So That You Can Develop and Improve Your Writing Skills

Being able to write well is a necessary skill that you need for life. It is not only about the ability to type. The skills of spelling, punctuation, and grammar is equally, if not more important than the ability to type.

8 Keeping a Blog Allows You to Build Successful Working Habits

Besides the skills of language and computer literacy, there are other skills that you should acquire. Time management is one. This means you have time to get on with the right tasks. Time management has a number of different subskills. These include the ability to focus on certain subjects. It also includes the skills necessary to plan your workload and time block to organize what you need to do and when.

9 Keeping a Blog Allows You to Build an Audience

The point of having a blog is to share your thoughts, experience, expertise, theories, etc. with other people. By doing this we are building a relationship with each person who reads the posts. The goal is to have people returning to your blog time and time again. Thus, you are building an audience and those people may even one day purchase something or take another action that we would really like them to do.

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10 Keeping a Blog Allows You to Become Free of the 9-5 Work Day

One of the major reasons why people start a home-based business of any kind is to have flexible working hours. They don’t have to answer to anyone if they are a few minutes late.

This also means that you can sleep in if you feel like it. However, don’t neglect your blog. You need to treat it like a full-time concern and then you will find success. Remember, success only comes with maximum effort.

11 No Stressful Commute to and From an Office

This is a continuation of number 10. If you work at home, you don’t have to travel to work. That idiot beeping at you in his flashy car is not on the route. Therefore, it takes seconds to get to your desk. You can make a cup of coffee and be at your desk any time you like so you don’t have to worry about opening hours and what time you are “supposed” to get there.

12 Work Towards Publishing a Book Through Amazon Kindle and/or CreateSpace

This is something I am doing with my blog. The words you are reading right now will be compiled with other blog posts on https://krannaken.com and sold through Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace. There is nothing stopping you from doing the same thing.

You should also consider other formats too. Are you photogenic? Would you make a great video course? If you feel you can do pretty good videos, then you really should consider Udemy and/or Skillshare too.

An Amazon or CreateSpace book offers you passive income. Write the book now and it can sell for years to come. Passive income is one of the most attractive forms of income there is. This is simply because you only need to do something once and it will pay you for life.

you need to start a blog
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13 Make Your Resume More Interesting

Another great reason why you need to start a blog is that it looks great on your resume. If you’re not making a full-time income yet and see a job as a good short-term possibility, an employer would be really interested to hear about your commitment to maintaining a blog. Therefore, why not add it to your resume?

14 Keep an Open Mind on Your Future

Blogging can keep your mind open for the future. You may start a series of videos on music plugin reviews or something else. I have considered writing review posts of different free plugins. Anyone can do something similar to that if they have a little knowledge about music production and how to craft sounds online.

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15 It is an Avenue For Marketing Your Offline Business

If you are a gigging musician, a private music teacher or you own another offline business, your blog can be very beneficial for your business. This is largely because a music business in tutoring or gigging is geographic specific. There are many people who want to hire bands and music teachers in your area. For instance, if I wanted a trance music mobile DJ in Birmingham, UK. I would search for a term like “trance music mobile DJ in Birmingham, UK”.

16 Build Your Content Marketing Strategy

Your blog is a base for your content marketing strategy. You should ask yourself what you want to do with your content. Why not create an ebook, a paper-based book, a Udemy course, a YouTube video or a slideshare presentation? It is also important for you to create shareable assets for social media platforms. How shareable are you on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter?

17 Running a Blog Can Make You Happier

You may look at the work ahead and feel daunted, but the feeling of a decent blog post, once you have it ready and published, outweighs that fear. The feeling of completing a new blog post is quite elating. This is especially true if your writing is good. However, if it is not that great, you can always improve. Therefore, running a blog is a very rewarding business model.

18 A 9-5 Job Can be a Very Stressful Route, So a Blog Is Much Healthier

If you work in a very stressful environment, or even if your commute is very slow and you feel stressed, you will feel relieved to be your own boss.

A few years ago, I was working in an office in Birmingham City Centre. I would get to work at 7am to avoid the rush hour and return at around 3.30pm. I could spend the rest of the day with my wife and son. However, it was still difficult for my wife. This was because I had to go to bed early so that I could start the day at 5am.

However, these days I work at home. I have to commute all the way to my home office which is about 20 seconds from the bedroom. I can see my wife and son off in the morning and spend the day either working on my University study or on my blog. Therefore, I don’t really get stressed. I am my own man, doing my own thing.

The only thing I have to warn you about is the danger of becoming a recluse. If you are not careful, you will spend too much time in the house. This can lead to mental illness too. Therefore, it is important that you get out of your home at least once per day. You could take yourself off for an early morning stroll or a cycle ride on clear roads before the rush hour.

you need to start a blog
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19 Make New Friends and Build Connections

As a blogger, you need to share your content on social media. Social media has that all-important word: social. Social means interaction between you and other people. I have found friendships on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, etc. I can give feedback to other people and they can provide me with feedback too. Therefore, I am meeting new people and making new social connections – people I can call friends.

20 Show Your Personality to Your Audience

I think I may have already touched on this, but your writing is an extension of your voice. Therefore, you are showing your personality in your posts. Your personality has the power to reach out to people and initiate some rapport with them.

21 Build Fame and Become Popular

Although you may not want to be famous, popularity is certainly a good trait. When you write your post, you are becoming an expert. When you are an expert, you are able to help people. If you help people, you will become liked (not on Facebook perhaps). Therefore, if you are liked you are popular. It is nice to be popular.

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22 Work With Whoever You Want to Work With

By saying this, I really mean that you can promote who you want to promote. You can use any domain name registrar, any hosting company and any email marketing company. It is you who calls the shots. Therefore, you can work with whoever you like. Another thing I like to do is to work with affiliate programs that I have experience with. I love working with PluginBoutique and Loopmasters because I know they are the best in the world at providing great plugins and samples.

23 Connect With Like-Minded People

The people who visit your blog are there because they are interested in your subject. Therefore, they are also interested in purchasing from your affiliate links (if you are affiliate marketing promotions are of the same subject). There is no point in putting any old banners on your site. If you are reading my blog, you are interested in music production, right? There is no other reason for you to be here.

24 Share Your Message and/or Purpose With Your Audience

If you have something in particular that you want to share with the world, your blog is a great place to start.

I am currently in my last year at University. In the big project I have to produce an EP. I am working on a completely new genre for my EP. The genre is known as trance wave. It is a mixture of synth-wave and trance. It sounds great and I am very happy to be a pioneer in this genre. My goal is to increase awareness of this new genre.

25 Find New Opportunities For Your Music

If you are respected as an expert in your music, people may want to work with you. You will not only find new opportunities in your music. Other bloggers may also want to network with you. You may be invited to join tribes and syndication groups. It is also a possibility that you can find companies that will give you free products and services for you to review on your blog.

26 You Need to Start a Blog So That You Can Create and Develop Friendships

Did you know that you can create and develop friendships? Well, you should know by now! The fact that you have your music in common gives you some common ground on which to base your friendship. You may even find romance.

27 You Need to Start a Music Blog So That You Can Keep Your Contacts Updated

One great way to keep all of your contacts up-to-date with your company is through blogging. This keeps your music in the minds of your fans. It is also like a flag to say, “Hey, here I am. Come and learn more!” At the same time, you are offering your contacts something of your wisdom and expertise.

28 You Need to Start a Music Blog So That You Can Share a Passion

Another major reason why you need to start a blog post is that you are passionate about your subject. Therefore, you can blog more successfully because you will know more about your subject.

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29 You Need to Start a Music Blog So That You Can Challenge Yourself

Perhaps the biggest reason why blogs fail is that the blogger runs out of ideas to write about. Therefore, it is a real challenge. I have blog posts planned until September this year (2020) and I will have to think of further ideas for blog posts that I can continue to work with. I am always looking for new inspiration though – even now!

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you have found something useful in the post please share this post in any way you choose.

About the Author
David Verney is a graduate from the University of West London, husband, father, Christian and Tottenham Hotspur fan. He started Krannaken.com during his final year at University. The initial idea was just somewhere to put his ideas on the subject of music marketing. However, it has been going strong since then and (at the time of writing) this website is just over 3 years old. Ideas don't dry up because the industry is always changing. New websites with new features are being launched all the time. Therefore, Writer's Block does not feature. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please hit one of the banners and claim your free copy of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing. I plan to update my book with new content every year.

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