How to Plan the Perfect Blog Post Promotion Schedule

Once you have published your post, your job has just begun. You need to spend time promoting your post with the perfect blog post promotion schedule.

Last week, we looked at how to write the perfect blog post. Well today, we are furthering our look at blogging with our blog post promotion schedule.

blog post promotion schedule
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As always on this blog, I write about music marketing, marketing from a musician’s perspective. Therefore, there will be a musical slant to my posts. However, if you aren’t at all musical, this blog will still prove to be useful for your blog.

Optimizing Your Blog Post For Shareability

As I mentioned in the last post, it is important that you make your post more shareable. This means you need to make pinnable images like the ones in this post.

You also need to use Better Click to Tweet. I have entered a few of these into this post. Better Click to Tweet is a line of text with some hashtags and a button to click to share your blog with their following.

There are a multitude of different sharing plugins that can be used to share your blog post to any social media platform you care to mention. Personally, we get almost all of our social media traffic from Pinterest and Facebook.

blog post promotion schedule
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How To Create A Blog Post Promotion Schedule

Implementing Tailwind in Your Blog Post Promotion Schedule

The first thing I do when I have published a new post is to share it on Tailwind. This is a fantastic service that offers various tribes that you can join. Each tribe is made up of other members, like you, who share each other’s pins on their Pinterest accounts. Therefore, your content will easily go viral as people constantly and consistently share your content.

The best way to be more popular on Tailwind is to get up-to-date with your tribes. Pin everything you can. However, if you are unable to pin something because you don’t have a relevant board, you can just discard that pin.

blog post promotion schedule
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Implementing Facebook in Your Blog Post Promotion Schedule

Another thing I always do with my blog is to share it on various Facebook groups. It is essential that you offer value to the group and not just your blog post link. Therefore, spend some time in each group. Interact with other status updates. If you find a track on the group, listen to it and offer them something valuable. Say what you liked about the track, the blog post or whatever is being promoted.

Scheduling Your Content With Social Bee

I also use Social Bee which schedules my content and keeps it evergreen. Therefore, posts will be shared multiple times before SocialBe finishes with it. I think I set it so that each post will be shown on a six months cycle. Therefore, once six months have elapsed, it will not be shown anymore. However, I can always reuse old material if I so chose. Many bloggers do this.

blog post promotion schedule
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Social Bee can be used with several platforms. I use it for Facebook and Twitter mainly. However, I also use it for LinkedIn at times too.

Implementing Twitter in Your Blog Post Promotion Schedule

Although I used to have one of the largest Twitter followings in my region, my account got banned because Twitter didn’t like me using a third party plugin to grow my following. Therefore, my biggest account is my Krannaken account and I leave that alone. I don’t really like Twitter at all now. However, it still has its uses. There are still people who use it.

I have my content scheduled to go out on Twitter even though I don’t use it. Furthermore, it is not my best source of traffic. My advice is that unless you have a burning desire to use it, steer well clear.

blog post promotion schedule
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Implementing LinkedIn in Your Blog Post Promotion

Again, LinkedIn is another platform that I don’t really use very much. As far as I am concerned it has limited functionality. You are unable to network because you need other people’s email addresses if you wish to connect with them. That takes away the entire point of what networking is about.

However, I do schedule content for LinkedIn and a few people have connected with me as a result.

Going Back to Social Bee

Before ending today’s post, I wanted to share with you the kind of content that I share on my Social Bee account. A lot of what I share is YouTube videos. I curate these videos and they are all concerning the subject of the page, Twitter feed or LinkedIn. As a big YouTube fan, I rely mainly on what I find on YouTube for my social media profiles.

For instance, I share a lot of music-related content to my Facebook page. Much of this is in the area of music production, but there are also a lot of music videos if I appreciate the music. I like to share the music with the community.

Thank you for reading this post. If you want to be updated with new blog post as and when they are published, please click here and leave your email. Thank you for your time and support.

About the Author
David Verney is a graduate from the University of West London, husband, father, Christian and Tottenham Hotspur fan. He started during his final year at University. The initial idea was just somewhere to put his ideas on the subject of music marketing. However, it has been going strong since then and (at the time of writing) this website is just over 3 years old. Ideas don't dry up because the industry is always changing. New websites with new features are being launched all the time. Therefore, Writer's Block does not feature. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please hit one of the banners and claim your free copy of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing. I plan to update my book with new content every year.

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