Repurpose Your Music Blog Content

Congratulations on publishing your blog post. That took a lot of effort. Your job has just begun with the promotion of your blog post, but then what can you do. In this post, I will show you exactly how you can repurpose your music blog content for even better results and a far reaching opportunity to gain more exposure for your business.

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Repurpose Your Music Blog Content
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It is too often that people leave a blog post without doing much with it. The thing is that this is a waste of valuable information. If you can repurpose it, you can make money from it as well as become known as one of the leading experts in your subject area. The purpose of my blog is to teach music marketing. I plan to turn it into an ebook as well as a paperback. Let’s proceed to have a look at how you can develop your blog content and create different products as well as make money from your knowledge.

Repurpose Your Music Blog Content into a Kindle Book

If you are great at writing, then Kindle ebooks offer the perfect opportunity to share your knowledge with others. You can sell your ebook at whatever price you like. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about how well you write. The only people checking for quality are the readers. They are the only ones you really need to worry about. However, if you write fairly well anyway, you should be fine.

It is always good to get a professional copywriter to write your sales page on Amazon. You can find such people at sites like Fiverr.

You can find the page to join Kindle Direct Publishing here and submit your book, edit it and sort out every other aspect of publishing to Kindle.

Repurpose Your Music Blog Content Into a Paper-Based Book and Sell Through CreateSpace

If you would rather write for paperback rather than digital media like Kindle etc, you can use CreateSpace. They offer a print on demand service. Therefore, all the reader needs to do is place the order. CreateSpace will then print the book and send it to the reader. It’s an easy job for all parties and it feels special to hold a book in your hands that states that you are the author.

CreateSpace sell their paper-based books through Amazon too. Therefore, you have a massive market a your fingertips. CreateSpace take a bigger cut than Kindle, but then for Kindle it is almost like a passive income because the entire process is done electronically.

Repurpose Your Music Blog Content
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Sharing Your Blog Content Through PDF eBooks

Although, you essentially have to find your own market by sharing ebooks online, there are still tonnes of websites out there who will allow you to share your book through them. This is one good way of advertising your main book. I

If you have a shorter ebook, you can advertise your Amazon based book in the footer on every page of your shorter book and then promote that shorter book through the ebook sharing sites.

In order to find some ebook sharing sites, you can click here for a comprehensive list of ebook sharing sites. You can then share your book with them and generate some sales of your Amazon bsaed book.

One other thing that you may like to do with your shorter book is to offer it in return for an email address. You can then send news and promotions of your Amazon based book to your email list. That way, they are more likely to pay attention to what you have to offer.

How to Repurpose Your Music Blog Content for Audible

If you, like me, hate the sound of your own voice, you can use Amazon Creation Exchange in order to find narrators to read your book in order to create an ebook for Audible. This opens the door even wider and enables you to tap into the vast market of Audible with your audiobook.

It will be music to your ears to hear that you don’t have to pay anything up front. Instead, you can share the royalties with your reader. This means they will be happy to promote your book for you too. The more exposure your book gets, the more money you will make. This means the reader will also make more money. Therefore, it is in their best wishes to market your book for you too.

Repurpose Your Music Blog Content
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How to Create an Audiobook For Streaming and Retail Sites

Just as you can publish music to sites like Spotify, iTunes,, Deezer and loads more. If you have your work recorded and ready for distribution, you can click here and get your book on tonnes of sites tomorrow. This is using a site called Distrokid. Here is my affiliate link. This means that if you purchase a membership through this link, you will be financially supporting my blog – so thank you.

How to Repurpose Your Music Blog Content for YouTube

One of the biggest sites that you should take advantage of is YouTube. This gives you the option to share your blog content in a number of different formats. These include video, audio or visual presentation.

Sharing Your Blog Content to YouTube with Video

A video should be welcoming, enlightening, yet fairly light-hearted. It should not be really heavy unless the subject matter is heavy in nature. You need to smile and speak slowly and clearly. However, if you have the occasional mistake, you can always edit i out. I use WeVideo for Mac. However, I can recommend that you use Camtasia instead if you prefer. If you want to use another video editing software application, that is perfectly fine.

Sharing Your Blog Content to YouTube With Audio

This is particularly useful if the subject you want to talk about is online. If you are talking about SoundCloud for example. You would be better to actually film your screen while you were using SoundCloud.

This is also a good option if, like me, you are not particularly photogenic. It means that you can just have your voice and not actually appear on the screen. Having a sight impairment makes it difficult for me to go on the screen and look professional. That is why I blog. It enables me to show my better qualities.

Repurpose Your Music Blog Content
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How to Share Your Blog Content to YouTube with a Visual Presentation Video

If you don’t like yourself on video or audio, you can make a video. This gives you the opportunity to share your own music with the world without it being interrupted by your voice.

Please note that these types of video are not necessarily very welcome by other people on YouTube. I hate it when someone just has subtitles on the screen as my eyesight issues don’t allow me to read fast enough and my reading is slower than someone with full sight. Therefore, whenever I make videos, I make audio videos. I am happy to do that and they give a fairly good image of myself.

How to Create a Podcast With Your Music Blog Content Content

If you turn your music blog content into an informal talk, you can use it as a podcast and distribute it again through Distrokid. The difference between your podcast and your audiobook is that the audiobook is more formal. Someone is reading your audiobook and recording it into their DAW. When you conduct your podcast, you should do so in a more relaxed, friendly manner. Pretend that you are talking with a friend rather than recording formal language into your DAW. Your audiobook may be informal anyway. The difference is that your podcast can be done with you and a friend and you can discuss topics together. Here is an example of a good podcast.

How to Repurpose Your Music Blog Content as a Udemy Course

One of the most lucrative things you can do with your blog content is to turn it into a Udemy course. Udemy will accept your course if it is good an you have put a lot of effort into it. However, please remember that sometimes other learners can be unforgiving. If you make one mistake that is it. People will not listen to you any more and you will get bad reviews. Both the Udemy system and other learners will ignore your course if you get bad ratings. Therefore, you may have broken your back over making it and put in a lot of time and effort, but if you have one bad rating, you open your doors to a tonne of negative press.

You can get the ball rolling here and click on “Teach on Udemy”.

Repurpose Your Music Blog Content
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How to Repurpose Your Music Blog Content and Make a Video Course For Skillshare

For the tutor, Skillshare is not supposed to be as good as Udemy. The payment is not as generous. However, for the student, the courses are free once you pay a yearly fee to subscribe. Therefore, you only get one year’s access to Skillshare courses. With Udemy, you pay once and get the course and all future course updates for life. Personally, I prefer Udemy. I get some great courses and have just under 200 courses now.

Sharing Your Music Blog Content as a Powerpoint Presentation Through Slideshare

These are surprisingly popular, but you can make your blog content into a powerpoint presentation and share it through Slideshare. Slideshare are owned by LinkedIn and are freely accessible.

Finally, Repurpose Your Music Blog Content For Article Directories

Although this was mainly an old strategy and is not used quite so much in today’s world, there is still a market for articles. If bloggers don’t have enough time to write blog posts, an article from a directory is third best after getting a guest post. The good thing in getting a guest post is that they will understand how you write. Whereas, with an article, you have to go by how it is written.

You can also restructure one of your blog posts and post them to article directories. There is nothing wrong in doing that, but don’t expect to get tonnes of traffic from article directoies. You will be disappointed if you are expecting lots of traffic because it won’t happen.

The biggest article directory is Ezine Articles. You can find the Alexa ranking information here. However, the ranking has gone down from the top 100 sites to 13,733 at the time of writing this post. Therefore, it is in steep decline. This demonstrates the fact that article directories are in steep decline.

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