How to Use a Trance Gate to Improve Your Music

Do you miss the trance music of the late 1990s/early 00s? Would you like to recreate those sounds in your music? This post is a review of a plugin called Trance Gate. This plugin will allow you to get the very sounds you are after.

The Simplicity of Trance Gate

With a simple graphical user interface, Trance Gate by the Swedish company, Kilohearts, is a doddle to use. It takes seconds to learn, yet has a superb effect on the quality and general sound of your music.

The main part of this VST is the circular part in the middle. This acts as a step sequencer. However, there is a distinct difference between the sequencer on your DAW and the sequencer on Trance Gate. This is largely because the sequencer on Trance Gate is pre-assigned to sound a certain way. Yet with your DAW, you are assigning the sounds as you go.

There are between one and 64 steps to the sequencer. This is over one single bar.

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The ADSR section on Trance Gate

For those of you new to synthesis, ADSR stands for Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release. It is how the sound appears on the music. Does the sound appear when a keyboard key is pressed? Does the sound stop when the finger is removed from the keys?

The Mix Dial

The mix dial is also an interesting addition to the plugin. If you have the mix dial on low, the sound only appears as instructed on the sequencer. However, if the dial is on a higher level, a minimal amount of sound will seep through to the sound throughout the track.

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Purchase Trance Gate

If you want to get that authentic trance sound, you can purchase Trance Gate by clicking here.

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