How to Promote Your Music on Facebook

Your music promotion is no simply about having customers and selling to them. We are musicians and we need to build relationships in order to create fans. Therefore, in today’s post, you will learn how to promote your music on Facebook.

Last week, we looked at how you can repurpose your blog content to maximise the power that each piece of content has for your business.

How to Promote Your Music on Facebook

There are various ways you can promote your music on Facebook. Some of them are free. However, some strategies will cost something. Firstly, let’s look at free strategies.

How to Promote Your Music on Facebook Through Group Participation

Too many people see groups as a place to dump links and run. That is not the way to participate in Facebook groups. They require your full attention and not only your links.

The way to be successful is to realign yourself with the rules of the Facebook group every time you post something. Some will require that you interact with others in the group when you post to them. However, whether or not group rules state that you have to interact with others, you will only be successful if you do interact. You need to like, share and if you so choose, you can share posts too. You may find a status update that is suitable for someone you know. If so, you can tag that person in this update. You may be doing everyone a big favour.

Another great reason to participate in group updates is that there are often many thousands of people who will be able to read your post. In theory that is the case. However, Facebook’s reach is not great. For instance, with my Krannaken page, the reach is very poor.

How to Promote Your Music on Facebook by Paying For Likes to Build Your Page

If you are looking for ways to build your Facebook community, you can do worse than paying for likes. I can recommend that you advertise for likes from countries that have a strong music interest but are nevertheless from the developing world.  Therefore, I would suggest countries like Indonesia, India, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. I have received likes from these countries for around one or two pence each (yes I know I am British).

How to Promote Your Music on Facebook

When you do configure your Facebook marketing campaign, you need to have it clear in your own mind as to who you want to target. You may see your market as DJ’s or concert venues, record labels or other music industry professionals. However, you may just see your market as teenagers who love trance music.

What Do You Need to Share on Your Facebook Page

This all depends on who your audience is. Is it made up of music industry professionals? Is it made up of music fans? What is the background of your audience? Put yourself in their shoes. What would they appreciate?

The audience for Krannaken is made up of a mix of music fans and music industry professionals. They like Krannaken because our music is different. We are the only duo in the world who do what we do. We are the only ones who are currently mixing synth wave and trance music. Therefore, people want to listen to us not because we sound like someone else, but because we sound like ourselves.

Most of what I share on Facebook is YouTube videos from different music production channels. These are all videos that interest me. They talk about music marketing, how to use music software and hardware, music theory – you name it.

I also share my blog posts from this blog. You will find that a lot of this is evergreen content so it will repeat itself over again and again. I have it set for six months so you will only see the same content multiple times over a six month period.

What Do I Use to Schedule My Facebook Posts

I have lifetime access to Social Bee. I got this at a knockdown price of less than $50 on AppSumo. Social Bee shares Krannaken content to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I also use Tailwind for Pinterest, but that is for another post.

How to Promote Your Music on Facebook

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