Synsonic's BD 808

Today, we look at Synsonic’s BD 808. Although this is a basic drum machine that will enable you to find some great kicks that you can use in your music. Obviously, as the name suggests this drum machine is modelled on the iconic TR808 of 1980s music fame.

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Synsonic's BD 808
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The Range of Kicks Available on Synsonic’s BD 808

The simplicity of the BD 808 is highly apparent. However, some beefy kicks with clicks included are easy to configure. Playing with the BD 808 is recommended if you are looking for a great kick.

Of course, the sound of your kick may depend on the genre you are producing. There are kicks suitable for all EDM genres. This can include trance, house, techno. This plugin is also great if you want to make hip-hop or trance. In fact, if you make any music on a computer with any digital audio workstation, this plugin should be investigated further.

Please watch the video below for more insights into the sounds you can get from Synsonic’s BD 808.

How to Configure Sounds With the BD 808

As I said, the BD 808 is simple to configure the right kick sounds for any subgenre of EDM track. It is because its minimal number of buttons and dials makes creating the right sound fun. Tomorrow, we will also give you a range of kick samples that you can use in any work of your own. Please share your creations and we will share your work in our Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud playlists.

So, let’s get back to the subject. How exactly do you configure Synsonic’s BD 808 to find the perfect kick for your project?

The default kick is a quiet click and this needs some modelling and reshaping. There are six dials on the graphical user interface. These are

  • Tune
  • Fine
  • Accent
  • Level
  • Decay
  • Tone

There are a further six buttons and features. These include…

  • Midi sync
  • Long Decay
  • Decay
  • Trigger
  • Midi Control
  • Value

The Tone Dial

Turning the tone button, first of all, gives us more of a base after effect. We can turn this dial as far as it will go to the right and the tone becomes higher. If we also turn the tone button as far as we can to the left, we lose the bass of the tone. It just emits a very quiet click.

The Accent and Level Dials on Synsonic’s BD 808

If we move the accent and level dials to three o’clock, we get a more beefy kick. Therefore, turning both dials as far as they go to the right gives the sound a more thumping bass.

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If we also set the decay to twelve o’clock and move the tone to four o’clock, we get a more thumping kick that would suit a trance or techno track.

Keep the dials at the settings we had in the last paragraph, but turn on the decay button so that the light appears. You will now hear a bass tone that is constantly apparent.

Getting a Higher Pitched Kick

If you also click midi sync button, you will have. more high-pitched kick if the ton dial is between eleven o’clock and five o’clock. Turning the tone button down will also mean that you get a lower and more base tone. Therefore, if you turn the tone dial up to five o’clock, the kick will be at its highest pitch.

The Long Decay Button on Synsonic’s BD 808

Lastly, if you press the long decay button and set the level button to the maximum yu get a louder kick. However, if you turn the level button right down, the kick becomes barely audible.

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