3 Reasons You Need To Promote Your Music On Youtube

Today, we continue our look at music promotion on social media with a few reasons you need to promote your music on YouTube. There are certain genres that will work better on YouTube. I am going to tell you the biggest opportunity with what I believe is the perfect YouTube marketing plan.

BTW if you missed last week’s music marketing post, we looked at Facebook and you can read it here.

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1 One of the Biggest Reasons You Need To Promote Music On Youtube

Maybe one of the biggest reasons you need to promote your music on YouTube is the fact that YouTube is owned by Google. Therefore, there is a big company behind your video pushing it to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages.

Not only that, but the YouTube search engine is the second biggest in cyberspace. Therefore, you have a lot of power behind your videos pushing them to the top. I have included my latest video here to give you some inspiration to make your own video. I just clicked record and recorded myself using one of my favourite free plugins. You can watch it here…

This video is a walkthrough of how you use Voxengo’s SPAN. You can watch it for an explanation and an example of spectral analysis and how to use this plugin in your music.

2. YouTube is One of The First Places People go to When They Want to Check Out a New Song

The good news for music fans is that YouTube is free of charge for most people. It is possible to pay for a premium account with no advertising, etc, but it is certainly not a prerequisite.

Therefore, YouTube is one of the places I go to in order to find new songs. I just want to sit back and not bother messing around with considering what I want to hear next. Therefore, we will go to YouTube, pick a playlist and listen to the whole thing without a care in the world. People know that the music they am playing will be what I want to listen to because it fits into the main theme of the playlist. Playlists are named after the genre being played. Names include A State of Trance, Pure Synthwave, etc.

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3. There is also a Good Chance That Your Music Will Already Be on YouTube

If you use distribution networks such as RouteNote or Distrokid, (both affiliate links), there is a good chance that your music is already on YouTube. Both of these networks publish to YouTube. However, it is advisable that you build your own following on YouTube. You will find that one platform will have a knock-on effect for another channel. For instance, I always check out artists on Spotify if I read or hear about them elsewhere. Spotify is my go-to streaming service.

What Are Our Reasons To Promote Music On Youtube

Everhald and I are promoting a subgenre of music that we call trancewave. It is a mixture of trance and synthwave. It is heavily influenced by the electro side of synthwave.

From what we have seen, there is a vast following for synthwave on YouTube. Therefore, we are promoting trancewave through YouTube and we are targeting synthwave channels.

For us, it means we are getting more ears behind the kinds of music that we promote. This is good because these ears are listening to the music that inspired us. Therefore, these are the people who are already interested in the kinds of music we are promoting.

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