How To Find Powerful Ideas For Your Music Channel Videos

Sometimes, we get writers block about everything we attempt to do. I used to often get writers block whilst blogging, but now I have everything planned. I have started keeping a diary so I always plan well in advance. Writers block does not only happen with people writing text. It also happens to people making any form of content. It often happens to musicians, as you may know.

However, in this post, I am going to share with you how you can beat writers block if you have a music-related YouTube channel and I will give you some ideas for your music channel videos. Please note that I am not a prolific YouTuber, just someone with some ideas that may be able to help. I hope my ideas and suggestions give you some inspiration and motivation to either kick-start your music YouTube channel or to add more ideas if you have already started.

ideas for music channel videos

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As many of you will be aware, we are EDM artists so all of our content is primarily aimed at the EDM artist. However, we hope you will find some good and useful content here whatever your genre is.

Here Are Our 10 Ideas For Your Music Channel Videos

1.Ideas for your music channel videos should include your fans in your creation process

If your fans can join you in the actual process of making a video, they can help to make your track more of a success. Why not do a live stream where you can chat to your fans while you make the track. Not only will that help your music to succeed. It will also shape your future success because writing music to the needs of your fans is what you should be about. If the song is a hit and becomes internationally famous, your fans can feel that they have helped you to create that success. Furthermore, you should acknowledge them in your CD inlay car.

A friend of mine from my school days (in the late 80s/early 90s) was into Chris De Burgh. She bought him a recording device and while he was being interviewed on national TV, he mentioned my friend. I asked her if that Miriam was her and indeed it was.

2. Ideas for your music channel videos should include interviews

If you have ever been interviewed by local or national TV, you should add those interview videos to your YouTube channel. As a music artist, you are building a relationship with your fans. Therefore, they want to know who you are. They will want to know all there is, the good and also the bad. If you have a difficult video and are worried that your fans may not stand with you, you should consider that if your fans are so loyal, they will stand by you. If you are getting a divorce, if you are coming out as a homosexual, or if you are experiencing a death in your family, your fans will stick by you.

ideas for music channel videos

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Some of the best musicians have had the toughest lives. If you read the biographies of musical personalities that have made it big and are popular, you will often find a history of abuse, bereavement or neglect. It may be your fault. You may have taken the decision to shoot up on heroin. They may be wiser than to make those decisions, but if they like your music, they will also be loyal.

3. Review musical gear…and get paid!

If you know anything about the world of marketing, you will have heard of affiliate marketing. This is a way that you can make money by referring others to specific products. I am an affiliate of both Plugin Boutique and Loopmasters. These are companies that I use myself. I am very familiar with and have full confidence that they will be a good experience for my readers. I use these companies myself.

You will be able to offer both digital and physical products. Customers receive the products immediately. They do not cost to reproduce and can earn the seller commission as passive income on autopilot. The products that Plugin Boutique and Loopmasters offer are digital products. Therefore, there is more commission available for the affiliate.

With affiliate marketing, you are given a link. Your audience can click on a link and be taken to the site where they can purchase the products. When they do make that purchase you receive a commission. This concept has been around for as long as the internet has been in existence, but is relatively unheard of.

If you click on the above banners and make a purchase, I will receive a commission.

The following video is an example of a gear review video that I have made…

4. Music Marketing Videos

If you appeal to people who want to make music, it is a great idea to make music videos that your fans will appreciate. This group of people includes Krannaken. We listen to other artists and we are aiming at helping aspiring producers ourselves. Therefore, we make music videos that our fans can use. Such videos include the following video and others like it…

5. Ideas for music channel videos can include non-musical videos of behind the scenes stuff

A fan is not like a customer. A customer wants an object or service from you. A fan is someone who will support you however you request fans to support you. Therefore, they want to know who you are as people. If you play football for a Sunday league team on a Sunday morning, or you go to Church instead, your fans are going to want to know about it. They will become fans of your team. They may even develop a faith in God if they know that you too have a faith. Fans are easily directed. Therefore, it is important that you lead as good a life as possible. If you go out committing crimes and brag about it on social media, your fans will think that is the thing to do.

6. Live performance videos

If you want to do gigs, you can record yourself and add the videos to your YouTube channel. This is not something we do as we do not perform live. It takes a lot of courage and freedom from a lot of other responsibilities if you want to go on tour. Even if you just gig, and have the kinds of responsibilities that Everhald and I have, you need to find someone responsible to look after your children. We both have lovely wives and I have a toddler aged son. Everhald has 2 adult sons. Therefore, we have responsibilities to our families. Even if we didn’t have these responsibilities, I doubt we would really want to do gigs. A DJ can play our music to a higher quality than we can play it ourselves. It would not do our music justice.

ideas for music channel videos

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7. Ideas for music channel videos should include music promotions

Whenever you release a new single, EP or album, you should create a music promotion video to show it off to your fans. You can’t make as many sales if fans don’t know about the existence of your new release.

Similarly, if you are bringing out a new line of merchandise or if you are going on tour you should make a video to advertise that. Remember that merchandise is, in effect, advertising for your music that pays you a profit when fans purchase our merchandise.

8. Cover songs

This is something we would like to do. It involves providing fans with sound files of your music. This would include midi and wave files. The kit includes one-shot hits, like kick drum and other percussive files. It also includes loops and fx. As you can expect from midi files, you import them and choose the sounds on your VST plugins. You can find such a folder full of these kinds of files in the link below…

If you make a remix of this track with the files we have included, you are welcome to send them to us and we will add them to our playlists. You can send us either SoundCloud, YouTube or Spotify tracks and we will be very happy to add them. This is also a way that you can gain free exposure to your music as a result of remixing other artist’s tracks.

If you are as old as I am, you will remember the original PopCorn song by Hot Butter…

9. Contests and giveaways

Even if you are the poorest rock star or DJ, you can give your fans something. Perhaps it is just an autographed photo of yourself. This can cost as little as a couple of pounds for a photo. Alternatively, you can have a street artist draw a caricature of you and you can autograph that and give it away. Fans love to get this kind of merchandise because it is so unique.

For Christmas in 2019, we gave our family and friends an EP that we had made up by a company in New York City. Therefore, the total spend on Christmas presents was around £50 ($65). We got all the adults a CD (around $30 altogether) and the rest was toys for the children. This may be cheap, but just remember that those CDs are unique. The people loved them because they are so unique. If we make it big those CDs will be worth a lot of money – especially as there is an annoying ghost note on one of the tracks.

10. Question and answer videos

Finally, the last one in this list is to offer Q&A (question and answer) videos. This is where fans can ask you any question they want and you can give an honest answer. This is also another part of the getting-to-know-you process. It enables fans to know more about you and it enables you to build a rapport with your fans.

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