12 Powerful Youtube Tools Worth Your Time And Money

As a YouTube, I am always looking out for powerful YouTube tools that will assist in helping me to succeed with my channel. In this post, I am going to share 12 YouTube tools that will really assist you in every aspect of your channel, from making the videos, to editing and optimising them. Therefore, you need to bookmark this post so that you can refer to them at a later date. Done that? Let’s begin…

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VideoScribe is a whiteboard video creation service. You just have to add the images and a magic hand comes on the screen and draws it flawlessly. I have created videos in the past using this service. The only issue I found was that rendering took time. However, it did produce some excellent videos. So, I think it is worth your time and money.

You can find out more about VideoScribe by visiting their site here.


So, some people prefer Canva. However, I have a lifetime membership to RelayThat so I am happy to use the service. That is why my Pinterest pins are different. You get people who all jump on the Canva bandwagon, but RelayThat is just as good and as I have free membership for life, I am very happy to use it. It is one of the apps from AppSumo that I use most. I probably use it most days.

I am mentioning it as one of these powerful YouTube tools because I make YouTube thumbnails with it too. You can see all my YouTube thumbnails at my YouTube channel here.


No powerful YouTube tools list would be complete without VidIQ. VidIQ is to YouTube what Tailwind is to Pinterest.

It is a great service that optimizes your YouTube channel so that it is found much easier. I have generated quite a few views as a result of using VidIQ. It gives me tonnes of keyword ideas and shows me the best keywords with a score out of 100. Therefore, I always try and aim for as many keywords that are above 50 as possible. If the keyword is above 50, it means there is sufficient demand with not enough videos meeting that demand. They are the best keywords to go for.

As well as keyword research, VidIQ is great for scheduling videos for optimum times. They can also show me what keywords similar videos are ranking for and how I can surpass my competition and gain more exposure.

You can find out more about VidIQ here.


An alternative to the already mentioned VideoScribe is Renderforest. This tool allows you to create animated videos and has pre-created templates that you can access and customise to your requirements. The price is very reasonable. Let’s face it. You’re probably not going to need more than the pro-level membership. This gives you 20 videos per month. If you have a YouTube account, you can make videos every day over a 5 day week (Monday to Friday).

You can access RenderForest here.

Powerful Youtube Tools
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Another one vying for your attention is GoAnimate. This service offers animated videos, although they are targeting businesses more than individuals. They have pre-created animations that are suitable for most professions. Such jobs include marketing, training and eLearning.

Plans start at $299 per year. This includes character creation in 2D with full colour. The number of videos seems to be unlimited. However, there is a GoAnimate watermark on the bottom left corner of the screen. This would be how they can advertise themselves to the world. For the GoAnimate company, this would be a great way of advertising themselves. However, for the user, it looks unprofessional to have another company’s watermark on your video.

You can access GoAnimate here.


Viewbix is also another service that allows you to make videos. However, these are quick five-minute videos that are on the fly. Therefore, if you find you don’t have much time, this may be your best option. However, the price point is unclear unless you call them. If you call them, they may also try to talk you into making a purchase. They request that prospective clients contact them. This procedure would cost them something. Whereas most companies can just accept new customers within a few clicks on the website, Viewbix requires a contact number so that they can arrange a demo. How good are their sales skills? Their business depends 100% on good sales skills. They would have to be good.

You can access Viewbix here.


Slidely allows you to create video SlideShare. You are free to use your own video clips or for a price, you can use premium video clips and unlimited video downloads are available on all plans. Plans start at $29 (when paying annually) or $39 per month (when paying monthly).

You can access Slidely here.


This is an online alternative to Camtasia. You can do literally anything that you can do on Camtasia on WeVideo. It stands out because you can use it on any computer with an internet connection. Therefore, it does not matter whether you have an Apple Mac or a Windows PC, you can access WeVideo from your machine. That is what gives it a place on this list of powerful YouTube tools.

Access WeVideo here.

Powerful Youtube Tools
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Where Filmora shines is in the ability to add motion pictures into any scene. There are tonnes of effects and filters available with it and it is available on Mac as well as PC. Therefore, it is a great service. There are different plans available. You can purchase Filmora 9 or Filmora Pro and each of these can create great videos that look professional but are really easy to create. This is because it is a drag-and-drop software package.

Annual plans for Filmora 9 start from $44.99 per year. However, you can get the lifetime plan for $69.99 so you pay once and have it for life.

There is a free version available for Filmora Pro. However, there are watermarks (that marketing strategy again!) and the lifetime deal which includes all the features, no watermarks and this includes technical support for $149.99.

Access Filmora 9 and Filmora Pro here.


Wistia is a video software with a difference. The difference is that every video it creates is automatically optimised for search engine traffic. Therefore, your videos will rank higher on Google. Not only that it also proves this fact b giving you analytics for each of your videos. Yes, it’s really that cool!

Wistia is available for free for new businesses. However, as expected with “free”, your service is limited and yes (that strategy again), Wistia add their watermark to your videos. The lowest premium level for videos from Wistia is $99 per month.

Access Wistia here.


Where Magisto comes to life is in its ease of use. It could not be easier which is great news for non-techies (like me).

Magisto is available for only $4.99 per month. However, as with all basic plans, there are some real restrictions in here. You can only make videos up to 2.30 minutes in length on the basic plan. Even on the highest paying plan, you still get only 10 minutes to play with and that costs $34.99. Therefore, I would steer clear.

If you do want to purchase Magisto, you can get it here.


This final platform gives you unlimited access to 15 million video clips and photos. Therefore, it’s not a bad addition to this list. I have seen this company before because they advertised lifetime deals on AppSumo. However, they are not for me. I am happy to stick to Camtasia to make my videos.

The price of the cheapest plan starts at $19 per month (when billed annually) and $29 per month (when billed monthly).

You can access Lumen5 here.

Thank you for reading today’s post. If you want to mention any more powerful YouTube tools other than the ones mentioned here, please mention them in the comments section below…

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