How To Grow Your YouTube Following The Easy Way

One of the biggest problems that YouTubers face is growing their YouTube following. What if I told you how to grow your YouTube following the easy way? Would that impress you? Well, I am here to show you that easy way and I am going to do that today in this post. Please be advised that the way I am showing you is for music bloggers. If you have a music-related YouTube channel this post will really help.

If you missed last week’s post on tools to use with your YouTube account, you can read that here.

How To Grow Your YouTube Following The Easy Way
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How To Grow Your YouTube Following The Easy Way

Growing a YouTube following does not have to be as difficult as some people think. It is all about knowing the right tools and resources to grow your following.

A Lesson in How Not To Grow Your YouTube Following The Easy Way

Many people think that sub-for-sub is a great way to go. I have to ask though, “How many views do you get from your subscribers?” I bet that isn’t very many. Your channel is of no interest to sub for sub subscribers. They only want you to be a subscriber to their channel. They could be interested in anything and not at all interested in your subject matter. Sub-for-subbers are probably not even remotely interested in your content.

Why is The Way I am About to Show You Better Than Sub-For-Sub?

The way I am about to show you provides you with targeted traffic. All of these people make music. They are all interested in learning how to make better music. Therefore, your videos are of interest to your viewers.

Ok, …So How Do You Grow Your YouTube Following

The site I am talking about is Hypeddit. For less than $10, you can share as many songs as you like. I am awaiting an email from them to let me know whether it is possible to share my book in a sharegate. That will be interesting.

How To Grow Your YouTube Following The Easy Way
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How to Create a Sharegate on Hypeddit

Follow the prompts to sign up and create a sharegate. Upload a track to the website so that people can download it when they share your track on their own social media channels. The social media platforms include…

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Deezer
  • MixCloud
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram

You can also ask for a donation from the people who download your music.

For me, I share my music on SoundCloud, YouTube and I get an email address too. I have built my following to around 500 people.

What Else Have I shared through Hypeddit?

I am not only sharing complete tracks through my sharegates. I also share sample packs and I am in the process of enquiring to see if it is a way I can share my book. If I can share my book, I will also be able to generate interest in my YouTube channel from the people who read the book. People will be interested in my book and they will also be interested in my YouTube channel.

How Do I Get People to Share My Content and Build My Following

Hypeddit has something called the Promotion Exchange. This is how they get people to share your music on whatever site they want. In return, you can also get other artists to share your music, follow you and this is a great way to build your YouTube following. It takes around 30 minutes per day, but that is not necessary. If you can only sare 30 minutes per week, that would also be excellent and enable you to grow your following quickly and easily. A word of advice: not everyone will share your content. If they don’t, don’t worry.

Another word of advice: people can only subscribe to a maximum of 400 YouTube channels. Therefore, you have a chance to impress people, but if they unsubscribe, don’t worry. The more subscribers you get, the more people will swatch your videos. This latter statement is especially true when you have targeted traffic. That is what you get with Hypeddit.

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