Okhudzhava Georgian Song (in English) by Alex Genadinik

Today, we have great pleasure in being the first to review Alex Genadinik’s song Okhudzhava Georgian Song. This song sees Alex’s beautiful guitar playing with improved vocal performance.

Okhudzhava Georgian Song
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Alex’s Guitar Performance in Okhudzhava Georgian Song

Alex uses his usual skills in fingerstyle folk guitar. This really is the best aspect of Alex’s music.

As a guitarist myself, I know how difficult it can be to get your hands to move from position to position all along the fretboard and not just at the headstock end. Going from a C sharp minor on the first fret to chords like an E major or even a B 7th on the first and second frets, can be a steep learning curve for any guitarist. However, Alex shows in this song that he is not a basic guitar player. He can play very well.

Alex’s Singing in Okhudzhava Georgian Song

Alex’s voice is much improved from other tracks. The pitch of his voice suits the tune in the background. The words are at the right volume and very clear. This makes the song more interesting and easy for the listener to imagine the background and the story of the song.

The Images Used in the Song

The song uses beautiful images to put the listener into the picture. There are images of a garden at various different times of the day. These include morning, sunset and also with the moon shining on the grass.

There is also the beautiful face of a lady in different parts of the track. Her eyes change in colour though. At one point the eye is blue and at another part of the song, there is another tinge of yellow.

Another part of the song, that I found to be very enjoyable, was in the description of a table. The image used in this part of the song was a table with at least nine chairs around it.

Beautiful pink flowers are also a feature of the video. This gives the listener the idea that the man is giving the woman a bouquet of flowers. However, as the song has a sad tune, it would give the impression that this is a song about lost love.

Finally, as far as the images go, there are also pictures of country roads.

Production Quality

The sound quality is excellent. It sounds as though Alex has used a professional studio to record the track. There is no acoustic interference. The room sounds properly soundproofed and the guitar, the violin and the vocals are set at a superb level with no bleed between them.

The Meaning of Okhudzhava Georgian Song

To someone who has limited knowledge of Russian folk music, I would guess that the song is about lost love. However, I noticed a drop of a tear in the corner of the woman’s eye. The tune uses a lot of minor chords too.

Compositional Quality of Okhudzhava Georgian Song

The quality of Alex’s composition skills is excellent in this song. As I believe I said in the last post about Alex’s music, he obviously still holds dear to his Russian heritage and this song is basically proof of that passion.

Want to Know More?

You can find out more about Alex’s guitar work on his YouTube channel here. You are more than welcome to subscribe to the channel if you enjoy what you hear.

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