Free Download: Modular Synthesis With Voltage Nucleus

With modular synthesis, we imagine big boards of knobs and sockets that cost thousands of dollars and literally cover your walls. However, Voltage Nucleus is a free software instrument that is currently available 100% free from Plugin Boutique. In this video, I will review this synthesiser for you.

modular synthesis
Free Download Voltage Nucleus by Cherry Audio Modular Synthesiser

What is Modular Synthesis?

Basically, Voltage Nucleus is making music with technology called modules. These modules are interconnected with leads going from one to another. The sound is still triggered by your keyboard, but the actual sound that is created is different. There are literally millions of possibilities with modular synthesis.

Many artists will play with these sounds most of the time. Deadmau5 called modular synthesis, “goofing around” and he stated that he goofs around for most of his time. The goal of modular synthesis is to make your own sounds. Darude were a good example of a band that used modular synthesis.. They were famous for a certain sound. This sound was something like a motorbike engine..

What is your sund? What makes your sound stand out from the crowd?

Download Voltage Nucleus here

What is Voltage Nucleus?

With 22 different modules, you have plenty to play with, with Voltage Nucleus. There are also 130 presets. However, it is difficult to make new sounds when you are just starting out. Just like any other major synth, Voltage nucleus is quite complex in its make up. In the video, I call it a “basic sound”. By this, I simply mean that the init default sound is basic. This is true of any major synth. However, modular synthesis is different because it appears to have many more buttons and knobs to twiddle with. Plus, the more you introduce different modules to the sound, the more buttons there are also to twiddle with. This is because each module used has a range of new buttons to mess about with.

The Pre-Made Presets in Voltage Nucleus Modular Synthesis Plugin

You should make your own sounds. This is the only way to be different from everyone else. Are Then, use a preset and change the parameters. There are 130 presets that include arps, leads, pads, fx, percussion and much more besides.

Download Voltage Nucleus here.

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