Five Ways to Make Money With One Song

Many newbie producers may dream about stardom and fame, but there are better ways to make money with one song. Why would people want fame and fortune with people always recognizing who you are? People always make up their own minds about celebrities after all and much of the time, those opinions are rather negative. Who in their right minds would want that?

In this post, I am going to show you how you can make money with your whole track. You will see why I say that if you read on…

1 Make Money With One Song by Releasing it as Royalty Free Music

As a big fan of WeMakeDanceMusic, I release my songs as royalty-free. This means that people who purchase your songs can use them in multiple ways. These ways can include online, radio, or television advertising. Other customers for your royalty-free music may also include clubs, radio, or mobile DJs who want to play something different. Furthermore, we should also consider the countless numbers of YouTubers who want music for their videos. Where do they get their music from? Production music libraries and other sites like WeMakeDanceMusic.

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2 Make Money by Selling the Stems

Another way that you can make money with your music is by selling the stems. These are the WAV files that can be used to make remixes of your original work. This means that people will use your sounds to create their own versions of our music. There is also a market for this on WeMakeDanceMusic.

In order to create the entire stem pack, you should bounce the MIDI to WAV format. I have included the video below that shows you how to do this in FL Studio 20. It is quite similar to other DAWS. Therefore, if you need to find out how to do this, simply do a YouTube search.

3 What are MIDI Files and How Can You Sell Them?

If you haven’t already gathered from the video above, MIDI is the raw data. It is the patterns that you draw into the piano roll on your digital audio workstation. Therefore, these patterns can be molded and shaped easily and without the need for a lot of technical know-how. Simply, move the lines on the piano roll. You can easily change the key and tempo as you would normally do. The product below is my Popcorn midi files and it is linked to my WeMakeDanceMusic listing.

4 Construction Kits

A construction kit consists of everything you need in order to make a full remix with similar sounds to the original. Therefore, it includes both MIDI and WAV files. As it has both types of file, you can charge a little more for it.

I tend to charge $4.99 for the WAV or MIDI on their own and then $9.99 for both.

5 You Should Make Money With One Song by Selling the Actual Template

Lastly, but by no means least. You should make money by selling the actual template. The template is the actual DAW file. For instance, if you are using FL Studio, then it is the FLP file.

It is a great idea to make all of your templates by only using the stock plugins that are native to your software. Therefore, if you are making your track with FL Studio, you should only use the Fruity files. You can also use Soundgoodizer. These plugins are the ones that actually came with your digital audio workstation when you initially bought it.


I hope this post has been an eye-opener for you. Now you know how to make money in multiple ways from your music. What are you waiting for? Please use the links in this post to set up your own WeMakeDanceMusic account as a seller of electronic dance music and/or sign up to the libraries in that link.

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