How to Find Inspiration for Passion-Driven Music Projects

There are many ways of how to find inspiration for music projects. However, in this article, I am going to share with you how I find inspiration for my music projects.

Firstly, you need to ask yourself whether or not you wish to use vocals in your music. Personally, I write study music so I focus on instrumental EDM. I know that many people wish to use vocals, but I don’t bother with vocals myself. Here are my ideas for how to be inspired by passion-driven music projects.

1 Listening to Other Artists

This is the obvious choice. What kind of music do you make? Listen to that. How did they pull off that element of the track? How can you replicate that? Practice that element until you get something that sounds great.

Do you ever listen to other genres? Other genres can greatly benefit your music? This brings us on to number two.

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2 How to Find Inspiration From Reading Articles in the Music Press

This is another thing that I tend to look out for. I have found many great artists by reading reviews of their work or interviews with them. What I tend to do is to listen to their music while I read. I can then read exactly what they did to achieve what they have.

Some magazines that focus on music include Computer Music Magazines, Future Music Magazine, Sound on Sound, Electronic Musician, Prog Rock, Total Guitar or Guitar Techniques. There are, of course, a myriad of different magazines that you can find these articles in. However, your job is to find magazines that cater to your genre. In our case, I read Computer Music Magazine, Future Music Magazine, and Electronic Musician more than any of the others.

3 Watching YouTube Videos Can Help You to Be Inspired

As a producer on We Make Dance Music, I always look for inspiration from Mikas. He is the owner and founder of We Make Dance Music. Mikas puts a video out on a daily basis to ignite inspiration in his audience. The video below is an example of Mikas’s inspirational videos.

4 Watching Films Can Help You to Be Inspired

If you watch emotional films in particular, they can ignite some passion. Passion drives inspiration. As we all know, inspiration drives great music. Therefore, why not be inspired by watching emotional films.

how to find inspiration
How to find inspiration

5 How to Find Inspiration on Your Holidays

Does music ever remind you of a holiday (or vacation). There have been breaks in the past where one song in particular stays in my head. That song will remind me of my memories of the holiday.

For instance, Tasmin Archer’s Sleeping Satellite always reminds me of a quiet holiday in the Lake District (here in the UK). Whitesnake’s Still of the Night will always remind me of a holiday in Suffolk. Ace of Base’s All That She Wants will always remind me of a trip to Weymouth. I am sure you have had such experiences too.

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