Surge by Vember Audio: Freebie Friday 20/11/20

I have decided to move Freebie Friday from YouTube my website. This is because my writing is a lot more impressive and professional than my video presentation. Today, we look at Surge by Vember Audio. I have also included some videos for you below that you can get more idea of Surge by Vember Audio From.

You can download it here.

Surge by Vember Audio

What is Surge by Vember Audio?

Vember Audio boasts over 1,000 sounds in Surge VST. It also has 183 wavetables. There are 3 oscillators. Therefore, you can generate your own sounds. Therefore, this simply makes it a must-have for every serious bedroom producer. As it is also 100% free of charge, it is well worth your time and money.

Surge by Vember Audio

There are also tonnes of different effects. These include delay, pitch shifter, reverb, chorus, phaser, , distortion, conditioner, rotary speaker, frequency shifter and vocoder.

Surge is open-source. Furthermore, it has capabilities for frequency-modulation and wavetable synthesis. The video below will explain more about Surge by Vember Audio.

There are four formats available. You can get it as a 64-bit VST3 on Mac, Windows, Linux and as a 32-bit VST3 on Windows. Furthermore, it is only takes up 33 megabytes on your hard-drive.

Videos That Demonstrate Surge by Vember Audio

I have added some videos that demonstrate Surge. Therefore, you can see for yourself how great this is. It is hard to believe that it is completely free, but it is.

Here is another

and, finally a third video…

You can download today’s Freebie Friday VST here.

12 Days of Christmas

I also wanted to let you know about the 12 days of Christmas we have coming up right here at Every day for the 12 day period of Christmas (25th December to 6th January), I am going to give you access to more great VST instruments just like these. This is a gift from us to say “Merry Christmas!”

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