Ways to Make Money With Your Music Blog

Blogging is one of the biggest and best ways to make money online. Therefore, I have decided to bring you a post on how you should make money with your music blog today. Although, this is written with the musician in mind, it is perfect for any industry you are blogging in.

Ways to Make Money With Your Music Blog

1. Ways to Make Money With Your Music Blog: Affiliate marketing

Please note that these are just ideas. I have made money with some of these methods and affiliate marketing is one of the ways I have made money.

There are various ways you can do affiliate marketing. With a blog, you can…

  • Advertise banners within your blog posts. These should be aimed at the kinds of people who read your blog and you need to know your target reader very well. Although I don’t know you individually, I am aware of the demographics of the people who read my blog. This is thanks to my analytics plugins.
  • You can advertise a tall banner in your side margin. I don’t tend to do this as I like to know what I am promoting and when. For instance, many of my banners will be time-sensitive. I only work with Loopmasters, Plugin Boutique and LoopCloud as an affiliate. However, I do occasionally work with other companies too.
  • You should also be hyperlinking your text to specific programs.
  • You will also notice if you have visited my shop page that I am promoting Xfer Serum. That is an affiliate product. You should add affiliate products to your website’s shop page too.

I have made some money with my affiliate marketing. Granted, it’s a little bit less than $300, but it is something.

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2. Ways to Make Money With Your Music Blog: Digital products

These can be your own digital products or PLR (private label rights) products. Let’s look at each of these in turn.

Your Own Digital Products

There are some great benefits to building your own digital products. These include…

  • You write the book, audio or video course. Therefore, you can make sure that the quality is 100%. This also means you can have greater confidence that you are promoting a quality product. I believe in my book. See the banner below. I know that a lot of work has gone into this and that it really is a quality product. You can make money with a free product by promoting affiliate links through that product.
  • These are products are your own. This means that you also have the rights to do whatever you want with the book. You can give it away for free to email subscribers or whatever you like. This is a fantastic opportunity to sell your knowledge. Furthermore, you are showing yourself to be an expert in your field. As an expert, you also generate trust from your readers.
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The Benefits of Selling PLR Products

There are also a number of benefits of selling PLR (Private Label Rights) products too. These include…

  • The work of writing and producing these products has already been done for you. These can be ebooks, audio products, videos, etc. However, obtaining free products does not mean that you should not go through it yourself. You need to know that the quality is just as good as if you made the products yourself.
  • You now own the products (not the rights). However, you need to know that although you might not own all the rights, you are still entitled to keep 100% of the proceeds when you sell the products.

Where Can You Get Good PLR Products From?

There are various sites you can source great products from. The site I always use is Big Product Store. I have a lifetime membership with them so free products are available to me every day of the life of myself or the website. You can find Big Product Store here.

How to Use Big Product Store Products For a Niche Website

You will find that the products on Big Product Store and all similar stores are related to either making money online, health issues or business.

If you want to use these sites for your niche websites, you can relate these subjects to your niche. For instance, if I want to sell a course on Facebook Advertising, I can write a review post called Facebook Advertising for Musicians.

Ways to Make Money With Your Music Blog

3. Ways to Make Money With Your Music Blog: Reviews

A great way to monetize your blog is through making review posts. These should include both the good and bad points. Who do you think the product is best suited to? What products or services are related? How does this product help the reader?

To make a good review post, you need to follow the following steps…

  1. Join relevant affiliate programs.
  2. Choose a product you have some experience with. You should already own the product that you are going to review. This is because you will have a greater understanding of the product if you know more about it.
  3. The tools you will need for this review include videos and images.
  4. Write your report taking into account all of the considerations that I mentioned in the above paragraph. It can be quite easy to mislead people into thinking that they are purchasing a good product, but it is not as good as your post makes it appear to be.
  5. Don’t forget to make a pin-able image for Pinterest.
  6. It is always best to aim for 1,000 plus words per post.

Again, I have made some money through making review posts.

Another note about using images on your blog and for the social media. It is always best to use premium images. This is because premium images will not be as widely used. There are too many free images floating around cyberspace. Some of these are a common sight. They make your business look cheap and inferior. Therefore, it is best to use images that you don’t see all the time. You need to be creative with your images. Even taking your own shots can be a great idea if you are any good with a camera and have your own camera equipment.

A Video I Found on Successful Blogging

The woman in the video above has some excellent advice. I believe your niche is pre-set. You are a music blogger, right? How many subniches are there in music? That’s right: a tonne! Therefore, you need to target a specific target group. I could write an entire article on this subject. In fact, future posts could be based on what people have to say in YouTube videos!

4. Ways to Make Money With Your Music Blog: Advertising Space

This and the next strategy are things that I have not tried in my blog. However, if you are getting thousands of daily views consistently, you should give this a shot. You can make some good money by selling advertising space to related businesses.

5. Ways to Make Money With Your Music Blog: Email courses

This is the last way I am showing you in our quest to make money from blogging. With a course, you can either offer it for free, for a recurring commission, or for a one-time payment.

Your course should be related to a specific subniche. For instance, with a music niche, you can advertise the course as “Get Your First 100 Music Licensing Placements”, etc.

A good place to get ideas for short courses is on Pinterest. Many people will promote pins for their email courses. These are often free. Therefore, it is a great idea to invest a little time and see how you can recreate lessons with a musical slant to it.

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