Spitfire Audio LABS and Discover – Christmas Day Gift No 1

Merry Christmas to you. I wanted to be one of the first people to say that to you. Over the next 12 days, I will bring you 12 free VST plugins. These are the best and highest rated free VSTs on the market. I have consulted with the likes of Sonic Academy and Plugin Boutique to bring you the best Christmas gifts you can ask for. This Christmas Day you can download Spitfire Audio LABS and Discover. This is a double Christmas present for an extra special Christmas Day. Let me tell you more about LABS and Discover in this post.

Spitfire Audio LABS

Spitfire Audio LABS

Spitfire Audio LABS is a cinematic artist’s best dream. It really is a dream come true. It features some amazing textures, realistic instruments and more.

With a current number of 31 high quality instruments, LABS is rated as one of the must-have instruments. People love this software and it is not a surprise when you consider the sound quality and the price point. There is no price point as it is free!

Most instruments are based on other instruments. For instance, the mandolin, piano, hand bells and trumpets. However, there are also other sounds that are very unusual. Although these instruments are unusual, they do not compromise on sound quality. Therefore, the sound quality is of a high value and are well worth the time it takes to download and investigate them. Many experienced musicians will use LABS in their music. It is really that good.

Spitfire Audio LABS Videos

Here are some videos about Spitfire Audio LABS….

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