Hannah's Song

Hannah’s Song by Alex Genadinik was written for his daughter, Hannah. Writing songs about our children is something that most musical parents like to do. However, Alex has obviously put a lot of thought and effort into writing a good song for his daughter.

Hannah's Song

First Impressions Count

My first impression of Hannah’s Song was that it was for Father’s Day. However, Alex has also included it as Mother’s Day. The video states both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day in the video title. Alex is a highly experienced online marketing professional. Therefore, he uses his search engine optimisation skills to make this video searchable for people looking for videos on either Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Another first impression of Hannah’s Song is also that Alex’s style of songwriting is very recognisable from the outset. If this is your first taste of Alex’s musical work, you can hear that he always plays guitar and sings. All of his songs can be classed as folk music. This same genre is apparent on all of Alex’s songs.

Writing great lyrics is paramount to Alex’s musical style and this is something that not everyone can do. Alex’s songs also have a lot of meaning. In Hannah’s Song, Alex starts out with mention of photos that he found of his grandmother. It is also very interesting that Alex has included the photos as visuals in the music video.

The Images Used in Hannah’s Song

The images used in the video include shots of Hannah, but also of other babies. At the time of some older images, Alex sings about and compares Hannah with her great-grandmother. The two images are side-by-side and you can see the striking resemblance between Hannah and her great-grandmother.

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Impressions as Hannah’s Song Progresses

Alex uses some very cute images of Hannah when she was first born.

The lyrics include thoughts of what went through the minds of her great-great-grandfather’s mind when her great-grandmother was her age. These thoughts give an impression of her age at the time. This is clear when Alex sings about Hannah’s head nestled in the crook of his arm.

In Hannah’s Song, Alex wonders how Hannah will grow up. What experiences will she have? This is what every father thinks about with a newly born baby. Every parent worries about the bad things and hopes for the good things in their children.

Other Instruments Used

There are other instruments that come in as Hannah’s Song progresses. These include a violin (which is plucked) and also some brass instruments. However, these instruments are not the most apparent elements in the track. Whereas, Alex’s voice and guitar are prominent throughout the song.

Hannah's Song

Final Thoughts on Hannah’s Song

Hannah’s Song demonstrates Alex’s musical skill very well. Alex has a YouTube channel especially for his music. Please feel free to visit it and subscribe to the YouTube channel if you like this music. You will also find Alex’s other musical work and please don’t forget that you can find another review of Alex’s music right here.

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