The Scorpions

Part of my work with Alex is to discover new channels to comment on, on YouTube. One of the videos I found was a playlist by The Scorpions. I was interested to find out some information about The Scorpions and that is where this post idea came from. My plan is to do the same for other bands and artists. However, in future I will try and keep to a more EDM-style act than The Scorpions. However, at the time they were out, they were one of my favourite bands. Therefore, I am bringing you this post about them.

The Scorpions

14 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About The Scorpions

  1. The Scorpions are from Hannover Germany.
  2. Lead singer, Klaus, is 68 years of age. Therefore, he was born in 1952.
  3. The Scorpions first formed in 1965.
  4. Although The Scorpions sing in English, they do not speak conversational English.
  5. Inside Germany, The Scorpions are not as popular as they are on an international scale. The Neo’s never forgave them for singing in English.
  6. The only reason that the band sang in English was because they can generate more sales as a result.
  7. Before Lockdown, The Scorpions were still touring.
  8. In the Wind of Change, the band sing of a place called Gorky Park. Gorky Park is actually located in Moscow.
  9. There were many changes to the band lineup. This is true with every band that have been together over a long-term time period. However, two of the band members have been more-or-less constant. These include Rudolf Schenker (rhythm guitar), and also singer Klaus Meine (singer).
  10. The Winds of Change was about the changing political movements of the late 20th century in Eastern Germany. This included the demolition of the Berlin Wall between East and West Germany. Thus, East and West were united and Germany became one.
  11. Over 100 Scorpions albums have been sold. This makes them one of the most popular rock bands in history.
  12. The band have also had six number one hits in six different countries.
  13. The real name for The Scorpions is actually just Scorpons. The ‘The’ prefix was just added by fans.
  14. A Christian cult movement in the United Kingdom thought the song, “Winds of Change” was written for them. I wonder what the band would say?

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