Georgian Song: Translated to English From Russian by Alex Genadinik

Another of Bulat Okudzhava’s songs that Alex has translated is Georgian Song (also known as Grapeseed Song.

Georgian Song is a beautiful, yet sad song about unrequited love. It has a lot of imagery in it and is considered to be one of the most beautiful Russian folk music songs of the 20th century. Just as the late and great, Bulat Okudzhava was considered to be one of the most popular Russian musicians of the last century.


You are welcome to listen to the song at the top of this post. You can also find Bulat’s version below…

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Here, also, is another cover of Georgian Song..

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The Lyrics of Georgian Song

English lyrics: A new grape seed will sprout in the warmth of my garden I’ll pick out the ripest bunch thinking of her And I’ll call all my friends and feel my heart open What else is the reason to live?

Come and gather, my friends, at the table I’ve laid out before you We’ll talk and take time to feel And when I turn away, I’ll imagine her glances Otherwise, what else is there to live for?

And all night I’ll listen to my Dali And my head will spin with her every breath With her every word, I’ll die sad and happy If not tenuous love, then what else is there to live for?

And when night falls and my mind faints slowly Every word will be like a cloud to sleep on I’ll believe that she’s mine, and all will be worth it And her love will be what this world is for.

Georgian Song

Instruments Used in Georgian Song

Just as in so many of Alex’s songs, the most prominent instruments in Georgian Song are his voice and his guitar. However, just as typical, are the subtle instruments in this song. It includes a keyboard. There is also a violin or a cello that comes in, in Verse 3.

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