your first studio session

This post is inspired by the video above. I have found that a great way to find blog post ideas is to go through my YouTube feed and find the subjects related to music and music marketing that are most interesting. Therefore, today we are looking at how to prepare for your first studio session. I hope you enjoy this post.

Firstly, let me just mention the channel so that I can give them more credit for the video and the idea. The name of the guy who makes these videos is Manifest (must be his stage name). The channel is called SMARTMUSICBUSINESS and they currently have 16,700 subscribers. So, again, a great subscriber count and some awesome video content as you will see in the video above.

Ok, ok, you’re asking: “Get to the point! What are these 5 tips for your first studio session?” Let’s find out…

1 You Need to Rehearse For Your First Studio Session

I don’t know about other parts of the world, but here in the UK, we say “Practice Makes Perfect”. This means that the more you work at your craft the better you get.

Personally, I can write a tune, but I am in no way, shape or form a great lyricist. I started out on guitar 27 years ago. At the time I was fascinated with it. I wanted to write the best songs. This included writing some dodgy lyrics which were really lame.

These days I tend to just write instrumental EDM, but haven’t had much time for it lately. I am either working with Alex or on this blog. I spent some time last night on Hypeddit and used the Promotion Exchange. However, I haven’t even done a whole lot with Hypeddit lately.

Anyway, practice makes perfect so make sure that you continue to rehearse and rehearse with determination and consistency.

Manifest also advises us not to get stuck with just one idea. You need to go to the studio with different ideas for the same song. If you get one idea stuck in your mind, you may spend too much time on the same song in the studio.

Other ideas for the same song include different lyrics and different melodies. You might want to try a different chord structure.

Another idea here is to send your different ideas to the studio staff you will be working with. This means that they will already have some idea of what you want to create in your session. Your studio will be happier if they can prepare for your session beforehand.

2 Make Sure You Show Up on Time For Your First Studio Session

It is important that you show up on time and that you are professional. Treat it as seriously as you would treat any other profession. Don’t get their stoned or drunk (even if you think that’s what a rock star is being all about). If you are a more professional musician and take your music seriously, you will know that you can generate much better results if you don’t get stoned or drunk.

Time is someone’s most valuable commodity. Therefore, you have to treat it with respect. You only do that by turning up on time. When I was applying for a job, I would show up at the interview location 15 minutes in advance of the interview. That is what you call having respect for other people’s time.

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3 You Need a Good Night’s Sleep

The night before your first studio session you need a good night’s sleep. The first thing you notice in someone who is tired, is their voice. If you are all croaky and sound tired, it won’t sound good on your finished product.

You need to keep yourself hydrated, so drink a lot of water. This will help your voice to sound much better. The first part of your body that is affected when you aren’t hydrated is your vocal chords. Therefore, you can’t expect to sound great if you don’t keep your voice hydrated.

4 Take Snacks With You to Your First Studio Session

You don’t know how long your first studio session will last. Therefore, take snacks with you. These can be light snacks like chocolate, peanuts or crisps (crisps – I think that means potato chips in the USA, but not sure).

your first studio session

5 Make Sure You Pay Your Team

Paying people is a way of thanking them for their help. If you want to thank your team, the engineers, other session musicians, etc, then pay them. People are giving you their time – again, the most precious commodity people have. Therefore, make sure you pay them right away. You will feel better about it and so will they. If don’t pay them, everyone is a loser – especially you! You won’t be able to work with that team again. If they are a good team, you need to show them how grateful you are.

Enjoy your first studio session.


These five tips aren’t just guidelines for working in the studio. They are also guidelines for how to be a decent human being. Therefore, make sure that you follow all five.

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the secret to a successful album

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