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In this post, I am sharing with you another video from Chris (aka Manifest). This time it is a warning against hiring PR companies. If you missed the post I did yesterday from Manifest, you can check it out here. I just love bringing you these posts because they are loaded with awesome content.

PR Companies

So What is This Video About?

This is a warning against spending thousands of dollars on hiring a PR company. As a VA myself (for Alex Genadinik), I can really relate to what Chris is talking about in the video.

So what’s this warning about. Let me explain…

1 Don’t Let PR Companies Fool You About Price Juxtaposition

I know the first question you will have after this heading is: What is price juxtaposition? Well, it’s when a PR companies (or any company for that matter) give you a sky-high figure and then change their minds and give a quote you half that. They think they are being nice to you, but instead, their only motivation is their own pockets. They don’t care about you and your music as long as they are paid.

As a VA, I care about Alex’s music because he has been a good friend for around 3 years now. Therefore, I don’t only know him as a client. When I first knew him, he was my mentor in business.

Fifty per cent of the original fee is still a lot of money and they don’t do a whole lot for it. I work full-time with one artist for less money than what these guys charge. I am not disclosing how much I earn, but it’s a good amount of money.

You Can Probably Promote the Song Yourself Just As Well

And you can do it without spending any cash. Chris argues that a lot of people are lazy so they get someone else to do it. In my experience as a VA, Alex is a busy man. He has a lot of demands on his time. Therefore, he gets me to promote his music. I am very happy to do that. Not only am I well paid, I am also proud of the work I do. That is the sign of good work. You aren’t proud of poor quality work. It not only gives you a great image, you can feel great about yourself at the same time.

It should be down to you to build relationships with music industry professionals. If you can build those relationships, you can have more influence when it comes to the promotion of your music. Put it this way, if you rely on PR companies to make those relationships and promote your music, you will be dependent on them for the rest of your career. If you make those relationships yourself, you have those relationships for free, for life.

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2 Pay a Friend or Family Member to Promote Your Music for You

That is exactly what Alex has done. Before I worked with him, he was a friend. Therefore, he has more confidence in my willingness to help than any old company who overcharge him like too many PR companies do..

As for an email address, I always use my address. It looks a lot more professional than giving them a gmail address. You will find that many people do have a gmail address for their business, but this does not look as professional as having an email set up for your domain.

I also have my Krannaken address configured through gmail so I have access to all that email when I check my gmail which is at least every day.

PR companies

3 You Can’t Always Be Sure That You Can Trust PR Companies

The difference with getting a friend or family member to do the job for you vs hiring PR companies is that PR companies can be just anyone. You could well be hiring companies that you don’t like. Whereas, your friends have a vested interest in your success.

PR companies will happily send your music out to entirely unrelated genres. You need to save your time and effort. Therefore, you need to only send music out to suitable and appropriate media people. You can decide whether you want to focus on playlists, blog posts or radio time. Therefore, you will have the final say.

When I said suitable and appropriate media people, I meant playlists, blogs, and radio stations who only play your specific genres. You may be promoting hip-hop, but how about all the different sub-genres within hip-hop. You need to be careful that you submit music that is highly targeted and genre specific.

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