sell your music CDs

Although the days of CDs have passed, the sound quality of CDs is still superior to the mp3 that you submit to Spotify. CDs also pay the artist a lot more per sale than you would get from 500 Spotify streams. In this post, I am sharing with you six ways to sell your music CDs on the internet.

sell your music CDs

1 Sell Your Music CDs Through Kunaki

Kunaki is more of a CD printing service than a way to sell your music. However, I just wanted to let you know what is available. These guys can make up some really professional CDs with inlay cards and printing on the disk that you design yourself.

There is no minimum order and the most expensive CDs are something like $1.20 to make. Therefore, you can see real value in their service.

Access Kunaki here.

2 Amazon is Another Great Avenue to Sell Your Music CDs

As well as streaming your music, Amazon also give you the opportunity to sell your artist music on CD. Therefore, it is an avenue that should not be overlooked.

You are also free to set your own pricing strategy. Furthermore, you can get Amazon to fulfill your order. Simply send your CDs to Amazon’s FBA team (Fulfilled by Amazon).

3 Facebook

Facebook is the last place that I bought a CD. I have a friend who plays piano and he does Facebook Live every day. It is one of the first things he does after he wakes up in the morning.

I asked him if I could purchase two of his CDs and he threw in a third one for free. My biggest reason for purchasing a CD was because I recently bought a hi-fi system so I want to increase my number of CDs. However, I still stream the majority of my music from sites like SoundCloud and Spotify.

4 Sell Your Music CDs Through SoundCloud

Let us just look at one of the images from the post from yesterday

marketing plan strategy

Do you see where it says Free Download? Well, you can link to any website. It doesn’t have to be Hypeddit. You can set it to a sales page on Amazon or any of the other sites that we discuss in this post. This feature is only available with a premium subscription to SoundCloud, but here is a video to explain how to set your buy link. I am sorry about the poor thumbnail, but the actual video is very good.

It will greatly benefit you if you use Hypeddit along with SoundCloud as you will be able to make it go viral and get many more plays on your tracks.

5 Selling CDs on YouTube

This is one of the easiest ways to promote and sell your music CDs. All you need to do is make a music video, upload it to YouTube and state in your video that you have a CD available in the description. Then add a link to a sales page in the description. I do this myself with WeMakeDanceMusic songs and it works too.

6 Selling CDs on eBay

You can sell practically anything on eBay. Therefore, you can also sell CDs…and why not?

There are other places where you can buy CDs. If you can name any more, please mention them in the comments section below…