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Online music lessons have totally revolutionized the way in which music is taught for both instrumentalists and those interested in getting to grips with music technology. However, as with everything else, online tutorials have their pros and cons. In this post, we will be identifying the pros and cons of online music lessons and also one-to-one music lessons. We will also look at the pros and cons of both the student and the tutor.

online music lessons

The Pros of Online Music Lessons for the Tutor

If you are a music tutor, you can really make a lot of money by hosting your music lessons on the internet. The arguments for teaching online music lessons are numerous.

You Can Provide People With Online Music Lessons on the Other Side of the World

Your students can live anywhere in the world. You could be a music tutor in Sydney, Australia and have students who spend their whole lives in London. All you and your students need is an internet connection.

Price Elasticity

Price elasticity works immeasurably with this sort of business. If you have been a one-to-one tutor, you will know that your students have to pay you for your time. Sometimes this is £30 for a half-hour session. With price elasticity, you have the potential to be teaching 1,000 students at any one time. If they are all paying you £30 per month, you can do the Maths!!!

More Time As Well As Money

If you are offering music lessons on the internet, you only need to do the tuition once and then move on. Granted, you will need to constantly improve your videos. At first, you may feel it is terrible. However, with experience, you can develop your videos into very powerful assets.

Host Your Courses for Free on Udemy and Skillshare

Udemy and Skillshare are two sites that people flock to in the search for online music lessons. Therefore, you should seriously consider building your courses through them. It is vital that you also host all of your own courses on your own website, but Skillshare and Udemy are definitely places that you need to investigate.

online music lessons

The Pros of Online Music Lessons for the Student

As with teaching, there are also some excellent factors for the student as to why they should learn music online. These include…

Pay Less Monthly Than You Do in a Single Lesson

As your tutor is using the laws of price elasticity, they can charge you less in a month than what you are paying in a single lesson. Again, if you read the statement, I made above.

With price elasticity, your tutor is being paid £30 per month by 1,000 students. They only do the lesson once and are paid passive income over and over again

This is not only a great opportunity for your tutor. The fact that they are teaching you via an internet connection means they can keep your cost down.

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You Have Access to Your Online Music Lessons 24 Hours Per Day, 365 Days Per Year

If you have difficulty fitting some time in with a private music tutor, you don’t need to worry. This is because you have constant access to your lessons. You can access your lessons at any point. Even if you are away from home, you can still access lessons on your tablet with modern technology.

online guitar lessons

The Cons of Online Music Lessons for a Tutor

Although there are more advantages than disadvantages to learning online, there are some benefits of one-to-one music lessons. For a tutor, these include…

Not being able to put your student right if they get it wrong

If your student misunderstands something you are trying to teach, they cannot be influenced by a non-personal tutor. You can’t sit there and shout questions out at your computer. Therefore, staging lessons online forms a barrier if your student can’t ask you a question or be corrected in their technique.

If You Are Teaching Online Music Lessons, The Job Becomes More Lonely

If you don’t see anyone from day to day, you are going to be more lonely than if you meet people all the time. This is as true for a teacher as it is for anyone else. Therefore, if all you are talking at is your computer, you are going to find life more lonely.

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Not Knowing How Good Your Students Are, You Are Unable to Measure Progress

If your students are unable to demonstrate their musical skills to you, you won’t be able to tell how much progress they are making. Of course, they are able to tell you how they are doing, but unless you are able to measure their musical skill for themselves, you won’t be able to tell how much progress they are making.

online piano lessons

The Cons of Online Music Lessons for a Student

As for the tutor, there are also some cons in taking lessons online for the student. These include…

Not Being Able to Show Your Tutor Your Music Skills

If you are unable to physically show your music skills to your tutor, you are unable to show them how you have progressed while you are taking their lessons. Therefore, they are unable to test how effective their teaching is and how well you are doing.

Slow Response to Questions

If you have any questions, your tutor may be slow in responding to you if they are busy with other aspects of their business.


What you do depends on the person you are. You may want to attend private lessons. However, as you have read above, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a long way.

Personally, I would rather take online lessons and I have done so in both piano and guitar. I love being able to access the lessons at any time of the day (or night) I hope you find the educational opportunities that are right for you.

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