TYE Vs Soundgym – Pros and Cons and Our Recommendations

Both TYE and Soundgym are incredible tools for developing your listening skills They are meant for music professionals – especially Producers, DJ’s and Sound Engineers. However, they are both great for the development of the listening skills of any musician or sound and audio development professional.

What is TYE?

TrainYourEars is great for figuring out different frequencies. There are a couple of different types of test that it does. However, the biggest benefit you will gain from using TYE is the development of frequency recognition skills.

Train Your Ears is a stand-alone app that you download from their website. Therefore, it takes up some room on your computer. That is not the only issue you will stumble upon. If you wish to incorporate Spotify, you will find that it can mess up your drivers somewhat. However, you just need to follow the instructions on the Live Player page and you will have a better understanding.

Furthermore, I am making a YouTube video to explain how you can overcome this issue. I will add it in to this post when it is ready.

TYE Pros

These are the good points about TrainYourEars.

  • Excellent for the development of frequency recognition skills
  • One low price of 49 euros
  • You can play your own music or use Spotify for the tests

TYE Cons

These include…

  • Can mess up your sound drivers.
  • There isn’t quite so much variation with the tests as you get on Soundgym.
  • Takes up room on your computer

What is Soundgym?

The Soundgym platform hosts a whole range of different games for the training of your ears. You can test a number of different listening skills with this one. Therefore, whereas with TYE, you only had frequency recognition, there are a whole load of other tests with Soundgym.

Another great aspect of Soundgym is that you can tailor your program to focus on specific skills. Their website states that you can develop measurable results within one month of training on a daily basis with them.

Soundgym Pros

The pros of using Soundym include…

  • Work to a program that is tailored to your own requirements
  • Lots of different tests and exercises to build various listening skills
  • It is very competitive which gives you motivation to take part.

Soundgym Cons

Yes, there are also some distinctive disadvantages to using Soundgym…

  • It is a lot more expensive. The monthly plan is $24.95, annual plan is $119 and the lifetime plan is $395.
  • It is not as easy to get the music that you want.


If you have got the money, I recommend that you go for the lifetime membership of Soundgym. That is how I would spend $395. However, if you don’t have that much money, I would recommend TrainYourEars. This is because you would get good training at a lower price for a longer time period. Therefore, there is no point in spending $24.95 on one month of Soundgym when you can get TrainYourEars for only 49 euros and only pay once. It just makes sense.

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