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One way to earn money for a producer of any genre is to sell stock music through production music libraries. In this post, you will discover how you can make money by selling your music to a production music library.

What is the Production Music Library?

A production music library is, as the name suggests, a library of stock music content. A Music library tends to specialise in a particular genre. For instance, some may only take hip-hop or EDM, while others are working with classical artists. Furthermore, some may only deal with film soundtracks, while others work with game shows, etc.

Selling Music to Music Libraries Vs Selling Loops and Samples to Producers

Selling music loops and samples to the music producer is where it all begins. This should be where you start and where you put all your focus in the beginning. However, there is nothing wrong with aspiring to build up your stock music career and commence work on your music library right from the word go.

Breaking into the world of selling stock music to libraries can be difficult. For a start, not many libraries list submission details on their websites. However, the money that can be made by selling to a music library can be excellent. This is because professional organisations are willing to pay for the music you write. Furthermore, many such organizations will use a music library instead of employing a full-time composer. This is because it is often cheaper to simply buy the necessary music.

How to Send Your Music to Production Music Libraries

The best way to find out about selling to stock music libraries who may be interested in your promoting your work is to type something like, “How to submit your music to a library” or “How to sell music to libraries” in the search bar. There are quite a few to choose from. However, it is much like submitting music to a label. Therefore, it is advisable that you send your music to as many libraries as you can. This can be a difficult world to break into.

Good luck in your efforts to sell your music through libraries. Remember hard work and consistency is the way to go. Keep trying and you will eventually get there.

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Here are Some Examples of Production Music Libraries That I Use…

Here are two sites that I use every time I submit to music libraries and why I use them…

Pond 5

Pond 5 are quite generic and take a multitude of stock music from a multitude of artists. I have made some money through Pond 5 and they also enable you to optimize your music quickly and easily. After all, they are only paid when you make a sale. Therefore, they are going to do everything they can to make sure that your music sells.

Another thing I like about Pond 5 is that they will email you on every first Thursday of the month and give you some idea of what is hot in this month and what people are asking for in the way of new stock music.


We Make Dance Music specialise in dance and electronic music. Therefore, your music will be more popular if it fits into the EDM subgenres. Personally, I write both synthwave and trance music so specialize in writing music for these two genres.

WMDM don’t only take production music. They also work with templates, sample packs and preset packs. If you want a vocal pack for your latest song, this is a fantastic opportunity.


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