24 Spotify Collaborative Playlists You Should Add Your Music To Now

If you have tried to market your music on Spotify, you will no doubt have heard of Spotify collaborative playlists. The importance of the playlist is paramount in the minds of every artist who adds their work to the site. It can mean the difference between getting 10 streams per month and getting 100 streams per month. It could also mean the difference between getting 100 streams per month and getting 1,000 streams per month.

Spotify Collaborative
24 Spotify Collaborative Playlists You Can Add Your Music To Today

However, not all Spotify playlists are open to new collaborative partners. They have to signify in the name of the playlist whether or not they accept new collaborators. In the video above, I show you how to tell the difference between collaborative playlists that accept new collaborators and those who do not. However, just so that you are aware of this, let me explain here.

Here is a screenshot of the left toolbar in my list of Spotify playlists…

Spotify collaborative playlists
How do you know if a Spotify playlist accepts collaborators

In the screenshot, there is a list of playlists. The one at the top of the list “Austin, Texas Sin…” is an example of collaborative playlists that you can add your music to. You can tell that it is collaborative because there is a small white circle next to it.

How To Find Spotify Collaborative Playlists in the First Place

Ok, so how did we find these playlists? You can do this by typing “collaborative playlists” into the white bar at the top of the Spotify application…

As you will see “ts” is missing from the word playlists. This is because the words are too long for them all to fit in.

As you type these words into the search bar, the application should be already searching for options for you. The fact you are searching for “playlists” means that you will get playlists first in your search results.

When you find a list of playlists, you need to check them out by clicking the three dots to the right of the box. You then click “Save to my Library” and you will have it saved to your list of music.

Here Is a List of 24 Spotify Collaborative Playlists That You Can Join and Add Your Music To Today…

1. Kaioken Collaborative

Kaioken Collaborative (the one I couldn’t spell on the video) has 278 songs, lasts for more than 16 hours and has 53 followers. Genres include pop, ambient, dance, etc. Some of the languages are different than English (I suspect they are Spanish). You can access it here.

2. Collaborative Music

This features 197 songs and lasts for 11 hours and 33 minutes. Genres are pretty much the same as Kaioken Collaborative. Therefore, it features a lot of pop music, dance, etc. You can access the Collaborative playlist here.

3. Collaborative

Although it doesn’t have a very imaginative name, the content is of a great quality and it is all music you would not have heard elsewhere. A lot of it is of a rock genre. There are 433 songs in this playlist. Some of them have explicit language that I don’t appreciate, but the actual music is a good standard. The songs in this playlist last for 24 hours and 37 minutes. There are alos 34 followers to the list. I think your music could easily be lost at the bottom of this playlist and you may not get as much exposure as you would like, but it is still worth adding to. You can access this playlist here.

4. GC Playlist

Although not as widely known as the ones already mentioned, it is still worth adding your music to this one. You are not losing anything and you stand to gain a lot just by clicking a couple of buttons. This collaborative Spotifiy playlist includes 111 songs and lasts for 5 hours and 48 minutes. You can access this playlist here.

5. *r/INTP Playlist

Don’t ask me what these guys call this playlist. Even they probably don’t know what it’s called! This playlist features 196 songs and lasts for 11 hours 42 minutes. You can access it here.

6. Collaborative

Not to be confused with the other playlist above which is of the same name. There are, in fact, several playlists that are just called Collaborative. This is very imaginative, but there you go. There are 189 songs and the list lasts for 11 hours and 13 minutes. You can access it here.

7. Biggest Collaborative Playlist

Just as the name suggests, this is one of the biggest collaborative Spotify playlists. There are 197 followers, 491 tracks and 25 hours and 30 minutes worth of music. You can access it here.

8. Melodic House and Techno Collaborative Spotify Playlist

This is a playlist with the accepted genres in the title. This strategy makes life easier as other playlists do not specify a genre. Therefore, it is great for all techno and house artists. As someone who has written techno in the past, I am also very happy to know that I can tap into the right market through this playlist. There are 80 songs which last for 8 hours and 13 minutes. Currently, there are also 91 followers. IYou can access this playlist here.

9. HoodGrooves

Another collaborative Spotify playlist that appears to be along the same electronic dance music lines as the last playlist, This one has 216 followers and only 56 songs. Therefore, there is a good amount of exposure to be had here. You can access this playlist here.

10. Steeve (SVK). Best House Grooves

It is great to know the kinds of music that playlists accept. If we produce the same kinds of music, we can be confident that people will enjoy our music. As it goes, I am more of a techno/trance producer and I also have leanings towards classical and cinematic music. Anything with a great melody. You can add your music to the playlist here.

11. House Nation – My Love Daughter Patricia

Yet another house list. If you love to either listen to or make house music, you are well catered for. You can add your music to list such as this one. Therefore, it is easier to gain the kind of following that you dream of. Although there are only 60 followers, they are all house music fans. Therefore, you can find people who will enjoy your house music productions. You can access this list here.

12. Rare Groove House Music

Another one for house music producers and fans. This one calls itself rare. Does this mean that these are very unheard of tracks? You will have to access it here and find out for yourself. This group boasts 116 followers, 100 songs and 10 hours, and 37 minutes worth of music. You can access this playlist here.

13. Best Grooven Spotify Collaborative

Although, the Grooven part of the name might make this sound German, the majority of lyrics are in English. This one includes 65 tracks, 7 hours and 31 worth of music and 99 followers. Most of this list is house music too. You can access this list here.

14. The Trance Spotify Collaborative

This is one of my own Spotify playlists. As the name suggests, it is a trance music list. Therefore, I only really accept trance music. At the time of writing, there are only 4 followers. The list includes 13 songs and 1 hours, 20 minutes worth of music. You can access this playlist here.

15. 2018 Trance and Prog Spotify Collaborative

Although the name states, “2018” it is still accessible today. Furthermore, you can add your music today too. Also as the name suggests, it is a trance and progressive collaborative Spotify playlist. People are also still adding music to this list in 2020. However, as there are only 19 followers, it may be that this playlist is gradually deteriorating. You can access this playlist here.

16. Big Cancerian Energy Collaborative Spotify Playlist

I think the name Cancerian suggests that these songs are from the star sign period of time. Don’t ask me when that is. I don’t follow that sort of thing other than knowing that I am an Aquarius (I was born on January 21st). I don’t think anyone is sick enough to name a Spotify playlist after a serious disease. Anyway, this playlist is mainly in a foreign language (like Spanish or something). However, there is nothing stopping you from adding your music to it. You can access this playlist here.

17. Mirandas Collaborative List

Was this initiated by someone called Miranda? We don’t know the answer to this, but whatever, it doesn’t really matter. It is still well worth adding your music to. However, it is important for you to remember that there are 343 songs on this list already. Your music may well be lost in this list, but it is still free and it takes two clicks for you to add your music here. You can access this playlist here.

18. Greatest Hits Spotify Collaborative

There are only 9 songs in this list. This makes it the shortest playlist we have looked at. It is also great news for you. This is because more people will hear your music if it is in this list. There are also 27 followers in this list. If your music is enjoyed here, it can be accessed for a long time to come. By the name “Greatest Hits” it can be viewed as only the biggest songs get heard here. If that is right, your music may be removed if it is not a big hit on the biggest charts. You can access this playlist here.

19. Summer 2k19

This one, as the name suggests, was from last Summer. However, people are also still adding music to it in 2020. Therefore, there is nothing stopping you from adding your music to it. It is also important to remember that a list that states a year has a shelf life. Therefore, if you start a collaborative playlist, it is important that you don’t name it after a year. It could be offputting to new collaborators. You can access this list here.

20. Katie Gets Lashed

Does she? Good for her! Have one on me too. This is a collaborative Spotify playlist started by two women who love good music. Sounds good to me. This playlist has just short of 800 tracks in it. However, it has only something like 29 followers. Therefore, if you add your music to it, it will probably get lost in the list. If you want to add to big lists like this one, you should see if you can add several songs rather than just one. If you do that, there is more chance that someone randomly browsing will find your music. You can access Katie Gets Lashed here.

21. Collaborative

Another Spotify Collaborative that is called Collaborative. This one has something like 194 songs and last for 11 hours, 15 seconds. You can access it here.

22. FRU Collaborative Playlist

Another one with the same song in the top place. This is a song called The Way by Volker Milch. They seem to have the monopoly over the playlists. However, it is a good track and sounds different. I think it would be open to any genre you have (within reason of course – not sure if death metal counts Jack). Anyway, you can access this list here.

23. Summer Playlist Collaborative

Well, Summer is nearly here and here is a playlist that has been done before the Summer for the Summer. However, it was probably to do with a Summer that has already passed – especially as it is very low down in my list of playlists. By saying that, I am not saying I rate it lower. I rate it as highly as any other. I am just saying that I had to dig deeper into my list of hundreds of playlists in order to find it. You can access it here.

24. A Spotify Collaborative Playlist That is Packed With Keywords That I am Not Bothering to Mention

From the name of this playlist, I am guessing that it is a trance/techno/EDM playlist. Therefore, if this is your genre, there is nothing stopping you from adding your music to this list. There are well over 1,000 songs in this list. This means that your track will undoubtedly be lost in the list. However, if you can click a mouse button a couple of times, there is nothing wrong with you adding a 1,045th track to this list. You can access this list here.

Now you have this list, you can also add your music to it. If you make house music, you are particularly well catered for. Please note that most of these playlists are not genre specific. This also means that you will be able to add your music to it no matter what the genre is. If you want to help other musicians to achieve better results from Spotify, please share this post on any (or even all of your social media accounts.

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