get more views on your YouTube music channel

The video above is a generic one that suits any gere. In this post, I am going to show you how to get more views on your YouTube music channel. Many artists consider YouTube to be one of the most important ways to share their music. This is with good reason because video includes audio. Therefore, musicians can share a variety of information about their craft with audio examples.

get more views on your YouTube music channel

So how do you get more views on your YouTube music channel? Let’s find out…

How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Music Channel

From the outset, we experience great examples of how to get more views on our channel. Let’s just look at these ways and then we will go into the seven in the list that this guy includes on his video.

Get More Views on Your YouTube Music Channel With B Rolls

What the heck are B Rolls? B Rolls are basically stock footage that you can include in your videos. These, as you can see, make the video more entertaining and add a touch of fun. In the video, we see the video of the computer, the fire in front of the DAW like software, the clock, the race car and the valley. These also enable you to keep the viewer’s attention for longer periods of time.

Include Jump Cuts, Graphics and Transitions

These are generally quirky and fun differences in the video, but they build watch time on YouTube. Therefore, they enable you to beat the algorithm and get your videos noticed and greatly increased the numbers of times that your videos are streamed.

Level Up in Your YouTube Music Channel

The following six tips will enable you to level up in your YouTube music channel.

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1. Get More Views on Your YouTube Music Channel by Getting Better at Being on Camera

If you intend to be on camera, you have to be good at being on camera. I know, you hate seeing yourself on video! I was like that. It is why I am a blogger and not a vlogger. However, if you are serious about your YouTube channel, it will really help you to be better on camera.

Initially, you will probably be rubbish. Believe me, we all are. The guy in the video shows a clip of his first YouTube video and you would not believe it was the same guy. He talks as though he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

“Your first videos are going to be your worst videos”

2. Get More Views on Your YouTube Music Channel by Being Organised

Don’t confuse your audience with a disorganised and messy presentation. If you want to review a musical instrument, VST plugin, sample pack or musical technology, just give people the main facts. Don’t get bogged down in it all. Create the right presentation with the right visuals and also don’t overdo it with the wording on your presentation. Also, if you are showing your face on the video, make sure that you are presentable, neat and tidy and also that the background is presentable, neat and tidy. Nobody wants to see your mess..

The best approach to tyour videos is with organised research in your facts and statistics. If you want to make factual statements, that is. However, it is vital that you know who your video is for and that you target those people.

3. Get More Views on Your YouTube Music Channel By Getting to the Point

Don’t beat around the bush. Your viewers aren’t going to stick around to the end of the video if you just ramble on. Therefore, you need to get straight to the point and don’t make your viewers wait around wondering what the heck your video is about. Furthermore, this will just bore your audience. Who cares if the cat ate your homework? Who cares if it is raining today? What does your diet have to do with your gaming video? Getting to the point will also allow you to beat the YouTube algorithm.

get more views on your YouTube music channel

4. Get More Views on Your YouTube Music Channel by Lightening the Mood With Amusing and Humorous Content

If you are making an educational video about music technology, or a studio session where you have the camera film your studio session, you should also try and add some humour into the scene. This will lighten the mood and your audience will be more relaxed as a result.

Please take care that your humour is tasteful. You don’t want to offend people with your jokes. Some people may not find your jokes at all funny.

5. Use Music in Your Videos

Music really helps to set the scene in your video. Music also makes your video much more engaging and watchable.

As a musician, I know you will want to use your own music. However, if you want to use someone else’s music, you need to make sure that you are legally able to do so and that you are not going against the copyright. Stealing someone else’s music is also just plain wrong!

6. Sound Effects

As you can see (or hear) in the video, sound effects also make the video more fun and entertaining. Therefore, you should use music, sound effects and great audio content to make your video more fun, attract attention and keep people involved.


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