Hypeddit: Send Your Music Viral and Build Your Brand With Hypeddit

There aren’t many websites that could call themselves the best music marketing website for musicians the world over. However, many would agree that Hypeddit is a firm contender. In this review of Hypeddit, I am going to show you what Hypeddit is, how it can send your music viral and how you can build your brand with Hypeddit. I will show ou the different gates, Hypeddit’s Promotion Exchange and the Fan Exchange. You are going to love this, so please read on.

Hypeddit's Promotion Exchange Build Your Brand With Hypeddit

What is Hypeddit

Hypeddit is a service that will enable you to grow your music following quickly and easily. Although we are in it for the fun of making music (and you should be too), Hypeddit helps us to build our brand and get heard on social media. This is done through a number of different services and I will explain these later in this post. However, the main idea of each of these is to build your social media following, your email list and even accept financial donations.

Different Kinds of Gates Available and How They Can Help to Send Your Music Viral

There are a few different types of gates available with Hpeddit. These, most notably, include the download gates which are those that you will be working with in the Promotion Exchange. Please see the section about the Promotion Exchange later in this post.

Download Gates

The Hypeddit download gate is so called because once the prospect has completed the download steps, they can then download the song for free. If you don’t want to give your song away for free, you can set it so that your prospect downloads something else. My target customer is the music artist. Therefore, I will often set it up so that my ebook is downloaded. This is a free ebook and you can get your free copy from the link below. It includes affiliate links so if you want to make a purchase through my book, you will be helping me to keep going at no additional charge to you. I just get paid for referrals.

The difference between a Hypeddit link gate and a download gate is that once the prospect has been through the gate steps, they are redirected to a specific page of your choosing. This is great if you have free downloads on your website. You can also use link gates for YouTube videos, your new album link on Spotify, Apple iTunes – or wherever. I have tested these kinds of gates with free VST plugins on my website. From this testing, I learned that a lot of people click the links, but much fewer people actually complete the steps and click the link.

Smart links allow your fans to play your music on any platform they choose. There are tonnes of platforms to choose from in Hypeddit. These include Apple iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and many more.

Rather than being a social media or email builder, Hypeddit smart links just make your fan’s life a lot easier by giving them the options of where they can listen to your music.

If you want to understand Hypeddit Loud Links exactly, I recommend that you try them out. I haven’t used these myself. However, I can say that they are more for bloggers and content creators who want to keep people on their pages. Therefore, I really should be using them. I know that so I will be experimenting with them in the future. This will enable all of my audience to hear my music. Good eh?

Send Your Music Viral With Hypeddit’s Promotion Exchange

The Promotion Exchange is the best thing since sliced bread (or something like that). This comes at no additional charge – unless you want to purchase credits. You generate likes, follows, donations, shares of your music and also subscribers to your YouTube and email list. You have the choice of using up to 10 platforms. These include the music platforms lie Deezer, Apple iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and MixCloud. It also includes social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch.

The advice here is to only just use 2 platforms. The guy behind Hypeddit (John Gold) advises that Hypeddit works best when it is used only with SoundCloud and to capture an email.

How Can Hypeddit’s Promotion Exchange to Send Your Music Viral on SoundCloud?

Hypeddit’s Promotion Exchange goes hand-in-hand with SoundCloud. This is because it can generate a link on your SoundCloud song that says “Free Download”. This link will go back to your Hypeddit landing page and means that your SoundCloud listeners can listen to, and take full part in your landing page so that they can follow or subscribe to you.

So What Exactly is Hypeddit’s Promotion Exchange and How Can it Allow Me to Build My Brand on Hypeddit?

If like me, you come from a marketing background, I would liken it to the old-fashioned traffic exchange. However, there is a much more powerful difference. Instead of people just sailing through your page without really doing anything in your favour, they are following, sharing, liking, subscribing and donating money. Whether people want to donate is completely up to them, but they are obliged to do the other actions.

Although people are joining your list, the quality of these subscribers is questionable because they are obliged to do these things. Therefore, you will see a high rate of unsubscribes. Not only are there a higher rate of unsubscribes, there are also a lot more people who don’t read your emails.

My best subscribers have come from Google SEO, rather than anywhere else. The SEO subscribers are the ones who are most active on my list.

Build Your Brand on Hypeddit With the Top 100 Chart

Apart from Hpeddit’s Promotion Exchange, Hypeddit also have a top 100 for each genre that they work with. There are currently a total of 51 genres. Therefore, there are 51 different top 100’s with a total of 5,100 songs in total. Some of these charts are easier to work with than others. Alex achieved a number one spot, partly because there was little in the way of competition in the folk music side of things. However, Alex still has bragging rights.

Personally, I have achieved various number ones on various different charts. However, there are no charts specifically for synthwave so I had to put my synthwave tracks in the electronica charts. I have still gained very respectable positions with synthwave tracks on the electronica chart.

Build Your Brand With Hypeddit Fan Promotion

The fan promotion allows you to build your brand with Hypddit. You can get to the top of the charts and people will hear your music. This doesn’t have to break the bank. Just chuck a $5 budget at it and you should see somewhere between 100 and 200 downloads of your music as a result. It is typical for anywhere between 5% and 10% of visitors to download our music. For just $5 budget per day, that is a no-brainer.

How Do I Use Hypeddit?

The only Hypeddit service that I have been using consistently is the Promotion Exchange. This has provided me with over 1,100 subscribers as well as tonnes of social media followers, likes and shares. Hypeddit has also allowed me to market my We Make Dance Music products much more effectively. The connection between Hypeddit and SoundCloud enables me to effectively market my music products.

What Are The Negative Things About Hypeddit?

As with any great service, there are also a few negative points. Let’s face it, a review would not be complete without a look at things that could be better. Therefore, let’s have a look at what could be better abut Hypeddit…

  • Too many of the songs include expletives. I am all for using such language in literature. I love the good old “F” word mentioned a few times in the novels I read. However, in music it is often inappropriate and overused. It tends to be teenagers who think it is clever to swear. However, I have to say that it is offensive to many and in music it is often not necessary.
  • Some of the platforms, namely Apple iTunes and Twitch are difficult to use with Hypeddit. I have attempted to sign into Apple iTunes to participate and not been able to proceed. This has been a bit disappointing.
  • Hypeddit’s Promotion Exchange is also time-consuming and takes up too much space on your hard-drive. Therefore, it is much better to download an mp3 rather than a WAV file.


Although I have just mentioned the worse things about Hypeddit, I can highly recommend that you use it throghout your music marketing activities. The good points by far outweigh the bad points. Hypeddit can really send your music viral and enable you to build your brand on Hypddit.

As a marketing professional, I often hear how important it is to build your own email list. I would not have grown my list if it were not for Hpeddit. Therefore, I wan to say thank you to John Gold and I will be a user of Hypeddit for some time to come.

Learn more and join Hypeddit here. This is an affiliate link. Therefore, if you make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This is at no additional cost to you.

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