It is sad to see a blog die out. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. The main reason is that the blogger has run out of ideas for blog posts. Therefore, in this post I am going to give you ideas for musical blog posts. The sources listed within this post will enable you to generate unlimited music blog post ideas for you and your blog posts. So read on…

How to Generate Unlimited Music Blog Post Ideas Today

How I Generate My Music Blog Post Ideas

Firstly, let me show you how I generate my blog post ideas.

My blog started off as a place to record ideas for my ebook which I published last year. You are welcome to download your very own free version of the book by leaving your email in the right bit below. There were some minor alterations in my book, but it follows the same order that I wrote my blog posts in. Therefore, I just wrote down on a sheet of paper what I was going to blog about and when and followed that plan.

I shared my music blog post ideas with my University mentor who confirmed that it was a sensible and logical order of work. The posts last until September this year, so if you are planning to buy a Christmas present for someone who needs to learn more about music marketing, this book will be the ticket.

If you were going to do the same sort of thing for any subject, I would advise you to look at a non-fiction book. This could be any non-fiction book at all. What is the order of the chapters? Does this structure make sense? Could you do something similar to me?

How to Generate Unlimited Music Blog Post Ideas Today

How to Generate Unlimited Post Ideas With Google Search

This next method on how to generate unlimited music blog post ideas is through Google Search. Go to Google. Type in a general term. For us, this could be “music marketing” or “how to market your music online”. It will bring up a range of results. This will include already written blog posts. However, it will also include a list of questions. It is these questions that you need to consult for your ideas. These are questions that people have asked or entered into Google recently. This means that people want to know these answers and these subjects are in demand.

How to Generate Unlimited Music Blog Post Ideas With Quora and Other Question and Answer Sites

Another place where people go in search of information is Quora. One of the great things about Quora is that you can post videos, images and blog post links there too. It is somewhere I should really look at adding my posts and I will be adding this post to Quora. You may be visiting this post from Quora or another Q&A site. Therefore, I welcome you to my blog and thank you for taking the time to check out this blog.

If you are looking for the general subject of your blog, you can find new questions there every week that people are asking. Therefore, you never go out of ideas unless people stop using Quora. This latter factor is negligible as people will always be using Quora and Yahoo Answers in order to gain information. Therefore, your posts will be interesting and the people who write the questions will be forever grateful.

Get Unlimited Blog Post Ideas From Social Media

Did you ever consider getting ideas for blog posts from social media? Sites like YouTube and Pinterest especially, but also Facebook and Twitter can be excellent places from which you can gain unlimited blog post ideas.d


This is my latest gold mine of blog post ideas. If you have checked out any of my more recent posts, you will know this to be true. I find the most interesting videos and write about what is mentioned in them. When I publish the posts, the original videos are always embedded at the top of the posts. I find that the thumbnails and text on them also make fantastic Pinterest pins. If something is eye-catching and says something like, “How to Get 10,000 New Fans by This Time Next Week”. That is a great text line for a pin and the kind of thing that people will always choose to click on.


Some people class Pinterest as a social-bookmarking site. However, it really is a visual search engine where people post images that are linked back to their websites. You may also be visiting this blog post from Pinterest through one of the pins I have posted on Tailwind. Tailwind posts my pins at optimum times so I don’t have to worry about the best times to post.

A quick search of Pinterest can deliver results that give you a supply of ideas for your next one or more blog posts.


Although I would not class Facebook as an “unlimited” source of ideas, you do get people who post questions in Facebook groups. However, you may not always find really interesting blog post ideas this way. You are probably better to use one of the ideas above.


I don’t really like Twitter, but each to their own. They still help me to promote my blog posts, but I think the whole concept of writing miniscule blog posts on a social media site that nobody seriously reads is tantamount to a complete and utter waste of time. The only reason I am mentioning them here is because there are sometimes interesting questions posted in the feed. If you like using Twitter, you may find it a useful place for infrmation, but I steer clear and don’t ever really visit it. My posts just automatically get posted there every time I post.

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Ideas For Blog Post Promotion

If you get your inspiration from any of the above places – especially sites like YouTube, Quora or other blogs ,you should contact the content creator and show them that you have given them an extra boost of publicity. Some of these people may be so impressed that they give you some publicity on their blog or YouTube channel. This doesn’t follow 100% of the time, but it should. If you have done a good job, you should also be able to generate that extra publicity.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any other methods of generating blog post ideas, please leave them in the comments section below…