Why should you keep a music blog? What are the best benefits of blogging about music for music artists? What can you do with a music blog? In this post, we will look at keeping a music blog for personal and professional reasons. What you decide to do with your blog depends 100% on you, what you feel comfortable with having on your music blog and how you see your future as a musician.

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Keep a Personal Blog

1 Benefits of Blogging Include Impressing Your Friends

If you keep a personal music blog, you may not be as serious about blogging as someone who is doing it for either a supplementary income or as a full-time income. However, you should look at it as something to impress people who you come into contact with.

2 Keeping a Blog Can Help You to Get a Job

If you want to apply for a job, it helps to have this piece of internet real estate so that you can showcase your knowledge and expertise. If I am applying for a job, I will share the link for this blog with the potential employer. However, if I can, I will also share a copy of my free ebook.

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3 Blogging About Music Is Something You Can Be Proud Of

As you can probably tell by your experience of my website, I am very proud of what has been accomplished here. The fact that I did all the visuals myself, right down to the logo and the background image. You are looking at something I have put together myself. However, as a Christian, I can give God all the credit for what He has helped me to do here.

These reasons above are a good part of why I keep my blog. However, there is more to it than that. The fact that I can generate traffic and even make money from my blog are more reasons why I keep my blog. Let’s look at how I monetize my blog and how you can too.

Benefits of Blogging For Music Artists

4 Blogging About Music Enables You to Express Yourself and Generate New Ideas

Blogging also helps you to express yourself. If you have ideas that you want to share with anyone who wants to listen, blogging can also be great for that.

We all go through times when we just need to offload our frustrations. You get people like Adam Ivy and Damian Keyes who will just rant on YouTube. This can be a great idea, unless you are ranting and fuming about a person or company. If you are doing the latter, you should also be very careful because there can be a backlash if you don’t watch your step.

Here is one of Adam Ivy’s rants. Let’s face it all of Adam’s videos are showing him ranting about some aspect of the music industry.


Have you ever considered typing out a rant to match that of Adam Ivy’s video rants? You can start whenever you like.

5 Blogging About Music is Also Great For Sharing Knowledge

Your blog shouldn’t just be about you mouthing off about your own credentials and what you know or think about something. You also need to share your knowledge with your audience. Your ability to do this will dictate how good your blog is, and ultimately how successful your blog will be.

6 Your Benefits of Blogging Also Include The Honing of Your Writing Skills

The more you do something, the better you get at it. It’s that simple. This also includes your ability to write well. This includes the improvement of your spelling, grammar and also how you word different facts and ideas.

Blogging About Music For Professional Reasons

7 Blogging About Music Helps You to Build Your Network in the Music Industry

You never know who is reading your blog. It could be anyone from an everyday Joe who wants to learn more for his own knowledge to an industry expert who is just recapping on his or her knowledge. Therefore, you need to approach your blog as if it was going to be perused by the most important kind of visitor that you can imagine. Who do you really want to read your blog? What do you want them to think after visiting your blog? Furthermore, what do you want them to do after visiting your blog?

It is the, “what do you want people to do?” part that is the most important. This is why you need to structure your blog properly. Use all the right formatting and always include a call-to-action at the end of your blog post.

8 Increase Your Circle of Influence

This goes hand-in-hand with the last point. How do you want to influence your audience? It is this knowledge that will also enable you to build a better blog and a better relationship with your audience.

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9 Become an Industry Expert in the Music Industry

Eventually, if you keep blogging for long enough, you will also become an industry expert. Please note that this is never an overnight process. It takes time, persistence and consistency to become an industry expert. You need to devote yourself to the subject of your blog. Therefore, I need to devote myself to music marketing.

10 How Can You Earn an Income by Blogging About Music?

Many people blog for a full-time income. There are many ways to make money from a music blog and generate an income by blogging for music artists Therefore, we are going to mention them here. These include affiliate marketing with physical products, affiliate marketing with digital products, selling your own products and joining advertising networks. We are going to cover these in that order.

blogging for music artists music blo

11 Blogging About Music Affiliate Programs: Physical Products

Although making music blog reviews for physical products doesn’t pay quite so well as blogging for physical products, the benefits of blogging about physical products include a higher conversion rate.

The conversion rate is the percentage of your traffic that ends up purchasing your products. For instance, if 10 out of 100 people bought a product, that would be a conversion rate of 10%. The higher the conversion rate, the more visitors you will get who purchase the product.

12 Blogging About Music Affiliate Programs: Digital Products

Digital products will pay much higher commissions per sale than physical products. The difference between a digital product and a physical product is that a digital product is downloadable. Therefore, it is easy to reproduce and can be reproduced with just a few clicks on your keyboard. There are no product levels to run out of. Such products include…

  • ebooks
  • videos and video courses
  • music
  • other audio products
  • software applications

Music is classed as a digital product whether it is streamed or downloaded. Products such as Udemy courses and YouTube videos are also digital products.

Sometimes, you can generate a 100% commission on a digital product. This is especially if you have bought the product yourself. Sites like Big Product Store will provide you with rights to 100% of the profit that you generate when you make sales.

13 Benefits of Blogging to Sell Your Own Products

I sell and give away a number of products that I have created myself. The good thing about selling your own products, is that you know everything there is to know about it. Your product knowledge is complete. This is because you are offering your knowledge and expertise within the product. I believe this is one of the best reasons for blogging for music artists.

I give away some of my products. However, you can also find my shop page here where you can find examples of my products.

Your own products can include any of the above digital products. However, I advise you to only create the products that you have the most confidence in your ability to create. Therefore, you will be able to create more professional and outstanding products.

14 Benefits of Blogging to Join Advertising Networks

Initially, you will want to sell your own products and digital products. However, once you are generating sufficient traffic, you have the option of also joining advertising networks. These are networks that you can join which will pay you to generate traffic for affiliate products. It is typically a set-and-forget thing. However, I advise that you forget about advertising networks if you are just starting out.

15 Blogging About Music Merchandise

As I have said in the past, merchandise is advertising for your business that also pays you when you make a sale. It includes physical products like T-shirts, other clothing, apparel and accessories. These could also include products like mugs, teddy bears and even magnetic signs for your car.

Merchandise displays your company name, logo and maybe a slogan that advertises your business. People pay you for a product that you are selling as merchandise. The great thing is that they will pay you a profit in order to own a product of your merchandise.

As a musician, your merchandise can also include CDs and vinyl. If you bought a copy of a CD from a music artist, that would be classed as merch.

Examples of merchandise manufacturers include companies such as Cafe Press and Inkthreadable. Both of these websites are UK-based. Therefore, if you are not in the UK you need to find a company who will serve your country. All you need to do is to type in, “promotional items with no minimum purchase”, or something along those lines.


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