How to Create a Brand As a Music Producer

When you build your brand, where should you upload your music to? Should you use SoundCloud, Spotify or YouTube? When you are uploading your music, is it better to keep it all in one place? This post will discuss these questions further and show you how to market your music and create a brand as a music producer. Inspiration for this post comes from the video above by Brandman Sean and the Brandman Network.

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Let’s get into this post and discuss how to create a brand as a music producer.

How to Create a Brand as a Music Producer

Are You Producing Instrumental Music For People to Listen to?

Firstly, you need to know your goal as a producer. Are you building a following where people are listening to instrumental or study music that you are producing? This could be electronic dance music, lo-fi music, or any other genre or subgenre of instrumental music.

If you are producing instrumental or study music, Spotify could well be a great option. However, don’t just load up any old music to Spotify. In my personal view, Spotify is for your best music. If you are unsure which is your best music, just ask as many of your close friends and family as possible to tell you which is your best work. Then you can work with that best work and upload that to Spotify.

Are You Looking For Stock Music Placement, Selling or Leasing Songs?

If you are doing these things, the best route to take is through sites like SoundCloud, Instagram and YouTube.

This is the main reason why I make music. There is more money in stock music for production music libraries and sites like WeMakeDanceMusic where you can sell digital downloads to be used by other artists.

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How to Create a Brand as a Music Producer and Choose the Route That is Right For You

This all depends on what you want to do with your music. Do you want to make more money with it? How about making it available for people to listen to?

If you want to make more money from your music, you are best to make it available through production music libraries and sites like WeMakeDanceMusic.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind how much you are paid and you just want more people to listen to it, I recommend that you use Distrokid. You can distribute your music to tonnes of sites with Distrokid.

How to Create a Brand as a Music Producer With Spotify

Whatever you are doing with your music, it is always best to lay claim to your music. The best way to do this is to make it available through Spotify.

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Why Spotify?

Your music should be distributed to every site that you can get it on if you want people to consider it under your brand. However, Spotify is the biggest and best opportunity for you to get heard. A bad point about Spotify is that they do not pay well. Therefore, you are better to make it available through the stock music or WMDM route.

How to Create a Brand as a Music Producer With Sampled Music

Although, it is better to make your own music with your own sounds, many producers are making beats with samples. Therefore, a lot of songs are plagiarised. My best advice here is to get your samples directly from reputable dealers like WMDM, Loopmasters or LoopCloud. The latter two are sister companies. They are also affiliate links. Therefore, if you do make a purchase through them, you will be supporting this blog at no additional cost to you – so thank you in advance.

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A Warning About Using Samples

You may also want to learn how to create a brand as a music producer with samples. Therefore, you coulduse samples that aren’t from a good source, you could also be fined for most of the royalties. It is not unheard of for producers to be charged as much as 97% of the royalties because they have plagiarised another artist’s work.

If you do end up using another artist’s work, you need to stipulate it. We did a cover of Paul Hardcastle’s 19 and we had to report that it was a cover before we used it. This cost us around $10 to cover any legalities that could occur as a result. Therefore, we were within our rights to use this song. If you so much as do a cover of someone else’s work, you also need to ensure that you are covered. You can do this through Distrokid.

Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Whatever you choose to do with your music, you will also need to run effective market research campaigns. This is vital for the success of your music. However, what you choose to do with your music should define what edits you need to make.

The song that you choose for your marketing campaigns should be your best work. Choose one of the songs on your album and use the best parts.

Therefore, if you wish to learn how to market your music and promote it to people to listen to, you should edit the catchiest parts of the song and only play that in your social media marketing campaigns.

If you wish your music to be available as downloadable files that other producers can use in their music, you should use the music that they are going to get.

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Thank You For Reading This Post

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